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Helle Mandra Knife

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We are very proud to present the Mândra, developed by Helle and Les Stroud – “Survivorman”.

In order to perfect the design of this newest Helle knife, we travelled to the raw, remote and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania working alongside Les Stroud on his latest Survivorman episodes.

The location of the expedition was situated in the Carpathian, a 1.450 kilometre mountain range extending through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia. An area of great dynamic contrast with both picturesque valleys and striking mountain peaks of over 2.500 metres.

An area of untouched nature, the Carpathian Mountains have impressive flora and fauna in addition to presenting the largest populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes in Europe.

From a cultural perspective this area is the border between Europe and Asia with the famous Transylvanian Dracula legend based on the Ottoman controversy between the Romanians and the Turks.

During Les’ time in Romania, early prototypes of The Mândra were utilized in the Survivorman Romania episode. Adjustments and refinements were then integrated into the final design with Anders working directly on location with Les when he returned from his film excursion.

“We are extremely proud to present a brand new Les Stroud knife” notes Anders Haglund, head of international marketing with Helle. “In fact; the word Mândra literally means proud, and the new knife is named for the hilly peak where Les was found by the Salvamont rescue party during filming Survivorman in Romania”.

Les Stroud continues: “Put to the test during my intense filming of Survivorman and inspired by the raw and breathtaking nature of Romania, I now have the pleasure of unveiling my latest knife collaboration with Anders Haglund and Helle knives; The Mândra.”


Name: Mândra
Weight: 70 g
Blade material: Triple laminated stainless steel
Blade thickness: 2,6 mm
Blade length: 69 mm
Handle material: Curly birch and vulcan fibre
Handle length: 80 mm
Sheath material:
Sheath weight:
Design: Les Stroud
Year: 2015
Art. no: 620

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Well-tuned design, developed in the Carpathians.

Helle Knives and Les Stroud seem to have thoughtfully designed the Mândra to be a truly useful utilitarian blade. Despite its small stature, the rather wide belly , lend it as an excellent slicing tool. The birch scales resting on a visible full tang with black liners, fit naturally and comfortably to my hands, (6'3" size L hands) even during extended use. The birch scales on my specimen seemed a bit dry, and so I did promptly apply a bit of wax. Despite the 2.5" (64mm) blade length, it remains surprisingly capable at many tasks often usually tackled with a larger blade. At a mere 2.4 ounces, it can be comfortably and unnoticeable carried on the belt, or around the neck, with the included leather lace. For those in areas which might not be knife friendly zones, it definitely would be more public friendly than most other offerings, provided fixed blades of this size are legal in your area. It certainly does not scream "tactical" or worse yet "tacti-cool", but it certainly offers plenty of utilitarian function for anything you might call upon a sub-3" blade to do.
For a "neck-knife" category, it is not cheap. I am quite happy with the price.Is it as beautiful as other Helle knives, or have the level of fit and finish, with full attention to details? No. But the design and execution is solid, and it does perform extremely well and does a good job at getting the most cutting edge.
And I also fully admit, that the homage to Romania, in the name, Mândra (proud), as well as knowing Les sweated and put much thoughtfulness into the design, was a major reason of my purchasing this knife. And ever since I grew up admiring the Helle knives in EPCOT's Norway pavilion, I have always admired their craftsmanship. So whether I am using it for scraping up kindling, cutting some burduf cheese for a snack, or simply admiring the neat little knife hanging from my neck as the palinca and țuica flow like the waters, I am quite satisfied with this little, though very capable blade

Helle Mandra Knife

This is a very well-made and elegant knife. Perfect for trail and boat use. Only negative is the design of the sheath, which caused the blade to cut the leather when holstering.

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