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Grayl GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier Bottle - 24 fl. oz.

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With a fast, easy performance and liteweight, the Grayl Geopress water filter and purifier bottle helps protect you from viruses, protozoa, bacteria, particulates, chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Award-winning OnePress™ global protection is effective for use on all 7 continents so you can save money, travel sustainably and never buy single-use bottled water again
  • Removes viruses (e.g., hepatitis A, norovirus, rotavirus), bacteria (e.g., E. coli, salmonella, shigella) and protozoan cysts (e.g., amoebae, cryptosporidia, giardia)
  • Simply fill, press and drink—fill from any freshwater source, press on the ground or other firm surface and drink purified water
  • Activated carbon effectively adsorbs chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, flavors and odors; filter removes microplastics and other particulates
  • 3-function SimpleVent™ drink cap allows 1-handed hydration through the fast-flow drink spout, vents air while purifying and blocks cross-contamination, grime and dirt
  • Softpress™ ergonomic comfort pads and tactile TopoGrip™ TPE on all heavy-use surfaces allow nonslip, anti-fatigue pressing
  • With virtually no setup time: Geopress purifies and filters 24 fl. oz. of water in 8 sec. (5L per min.)
  • Replaceable cartridge is rated for 350 cycles (65 gal./250L); as press time reaches 25 sec. (or 3 years have elapsed since first use) it's time to replace the cartridge
  • Built tough to perform in harsh conditions and withstand drops up to 10 ft. onto concrete, even when full of water
  • Independently tested by a certified laboratory to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI protocols 42 and 53 for sediment, pathogen and chemical removal
  • Also meets the EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for testing microbiological water purifiers

Gear Specs:

  • Best Use:  Travel, Hiking, Outdoors
  • Filter Type:  Press Bottle
  • Filter Medium:  Electro absorption/activated carbon
  • Removes/Destroys:  Protozoa, Bacteria And Viruses Pump
  • Strokes per Liter 1.4
  • Output 24 fl. oz. per 8 sec. (5L per min.)
  • Housing Material Polypropylene plastic
  • BPA Free:  Yes
  • Dimensions 10.4 x 5.6 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight 15.9 ounces

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