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Grand Trunk Single Hammocks

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Color: Olive/Khaki

Grand Trunk Hammocks are you're do-it-all, hang-anywhere, replace your tent style hammock. So easy to hang and made of high quality parachute nylon, you'll enjoy the freedom to relax anywhere. These hammocks break down to the size of a softball and are very light weight. Their quality won't let you down whether hiking, backpacking, at camp, in the backyard, beach, or park.

Grand Trunk Single Hammock
Weight: 20oz
Dimensions: 10.5' x 5'
Material: Parachute Nylon
Weight Capacity: 400lbs
Nautical grade carabiners
Triple stitched seams
Suspension System included (5mm rope)
Attached stuff sack (can be used as a pocket for gear storage)

Note: Grant Trunk Single Hammock has a smaller width (foot and half) than the double version hammock. The single hammock is recommended to fit one person very comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best hammock I've purchased

The design of the hammock and the pouch being connected is fantastic as it never touches the ground when setting up or putting away, and then also gives you a spot to put your phone and keys and a book when you inevitably fall asleep after 5 minutes because yes, it is just that comfortable. I even slept in it for about a year straight after college set up in my parent's garage.

It is very lightweight which makes it easy to just throw in a backpack and forget about it, and the thickness of it is thick enough to be durable yet thin enough to allow a nice breeze to cool you down on a spring or summer day. Anytime someone I know tries it out they start asking about where they can buy it and I can't recommend it more.

Grand Trunk Single Hammock

This thing is pretty darn light. The material is very thin and feels like it could rip when you lay in it (although it hasn't and I'm not expecting it to). Once you find the right angles and height for setup, this thing is comfortable. If it's too tight (hang angle too shallow), the sides will close in on you. If it's too loose (hang angle too steep), you end up bent like a banana with your feet above your head.

If I pitch this in the backyard, I always end up napping for a couple hours. I've taken it camping a couple times. It takes some getting used to: being in a sleeping bag on a sleeping pad inside of a hammock. I ended up not using the sleeping pad, as the temperature was mild (mid 50's). The hammock is more comfortable without the pad, but it could get cold without it in colder weather. Also, the sleeping bag, pad, and hammock materials all tend to be pretty slippery against each other, so it was a little challenging to keep everything where I wanted.

I am generally a stomach/side sleeper, so it took some time to figure out how to get comfortable in the hammock. Obviously, it lends itself to back sleeping, but I figured out some side sleeping positions that were very comfortable.

It packs up up into its attached stuff sack very easily. I still have enough room for my 2 carabiners and 30' of webbing (not included) I use to suspend it. It comes with:

1 hammock (stuff sack is attached to the side of the hammock)
2 steel carabiners (these were small but very heavy, and didn't have weight ratings on them, so I swapped them out for full strength lightweight climbing carabiners)
~30ft of accessory cord (came on a spool, not attached to hammock. I assume this was for hanging the hammock, but it didn't come with any info like strength rating. In addition, using cord directly on trees is bad practice, as it damages the tree. PLEASE USE 1" WEBBING ON THE TREES)

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