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GiantMouse Hotel Key Fob Bottle Opener 2" / 6mm thick

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We believe that the tangible experiences of yesteryear, now often overlooked, hold a unique charm. When did you last write using a fountain pen? Or manually wind a watch? Or open a slipjoint knife with a nail nick, simply because it was the only option available?

When was the last time you checked into a vintage hotel, where you were handed an actual key that required insertion into a lock and a turn to access your room?

We are passionate about these sensory experiences – the nostalgia and the memories they evoke. So, we put our heads together and envisioned a hotel with this old-world charm. Our rooms would feature doors adorned with aged brass doorknobs and keyholes. The room keys would be attached to brass key fobs, weathered and worn from countless years of use.

Though the GiantMouse Hotel may be a modest establishment, we're confident you'll enjoy your stay. Thank you for checking in, and remember, your key fob doubles as a bottle opener for the ice-cold refreshment waiting in your room

  • 1.8oz (51g)
  • 52mm or 6" long / 6mm thick

Please be aware that your GiantMouse Hotel Key Fob is made of solid brass, which may exhibit signs of patina or tarnishing upon arrival.

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