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Estwing E44A 16-Inch Steel Campers Axe

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From the Manufacturer
Estwing's first and finest solid steel hammers and tools, like the Estwing 16-Inch Steel Campers Axe #E44A, are unsurpassed in quality, balance and finish. Forged one piece tool steel - strongest construction known. Fully polished head and handle neck. All with Estwing's exclusive New Shock Reduction Grip (up to 50% reduction in shock caused by impact), confirmed by independent laboratory tests.

Customer Reviews

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but it would be a great camp axe

I originally bought this axe because I thought it would be the right size to strap on my bugout bag. It is a little big for that purpose, but it would be a great camp axe. I'm a small guy, 136lbs, and I can wield this axe with one hand, it is also large enough for me to wield comfortably with 2 hands. For a bigger person this axe would probably be perfect to strap on your bugout bag. Being a smaller guy I would leave this axe in camp, use it to take down small trees and splitting logs. I have the smaller E24A on order to strap to my bugout bag.

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