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Condor Hudson Bay Camp Knife

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Condor Tool & Knife, Hudson Bay Camp Knife, 8in Blade, Walnut Handle with Sheath

The Canadian Wilderness of the North made some of the toughest men in outdoor history. The Hudson Bay knife, a popular general camp knife of the 1800s, has also proven itself historically.

100% Leather Sheath


The finest quality cutlery and tools

56 sculpted vents

Replaceable soft pads

Handle: Hardwood

Blade Material: 1075 HIGH CARBON STEEL

Blade Finish: Condor Classic

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Condor Hudson Bay Camp Knife

What a beauty!....not that sharp out of the box ,but with a few swipes on the ceramic.....a hair popper,,,,,,a true re-creation of a timeless design

excellent heavy knife

excellent heavy knife, very poorly sharpened with 2 different angles, it looks like they passed it through the grinder twice. I spent a few hours getting the angle and edge on and it has help up well since the, this is not a pretty knife, rough finish, this a field hard working knife. the blade is not painter (GOOD), it is not sealed either (BAD), I cleaned and blued the blade and handle after I sharpened it then I heated it to about 200 deg F in the oven and applied a good gun oil and let it cool. with the blue and oil it is ready for long use in the field, excellent sheath.

a good weight

I love all my condor knifes and condor makes great leather sheaths. This is a good chopper it comes sharp out the box. Its a heavy knife. I love chopping with it, it feels good in my hand. But the day i got it i went n my backyard to try it out and chop so wood, after few chops i looked at the blade and it had a small chip in the middle of the blade. Dont know how it happen but it did. So i touched it up a little bit with a stone and i cant really tale no more. Besides that i love the knife great price.

Great company making great value products

Condor Tool and Knife makes no frills, heavy use knives. These aren't intended to be safe queens. They are made to be USED!

The Hudson Bay is great. I consider this as something of a large camp/kitchen knife. It'll baton wood and such but, it's great for chopping things around the kitchen (not some granite counter top with Sub Zero fridges kitchen mind you). I simply LOVE the rustic finish on this. To me, scratches only add to the character of this knife. The handle is not very large and it's perhaps a bit slick but, this is a minor issue. The sheath, is as good as they come. Thick and heavy duty. Smells great too! Hey, I've seen custom sheaths for sale similar to these going for upwards of $50-$100! That makes this a super deal. The factory edge was so-so but, since I put my own edge on every blade I own, this is never an issue with me. I got it hair shaving sharp easily.

As a knife collector, I sometimes find a brand I like and then have to buy every product they make. Fanatical. That's what my wife says of my "issue". This is the case with CT&K products now. I've since purchased 5 more of their products and they all impress me. The people that make these knives seem to know what really works out in the real world. Some people poo-poo these knives because they aren't D2 steel and don't have the fit/finish (and price) of some of the higher end bushcraft type knives/tools. But you know what? When you buy one of these higher end knives with S30V or D2 or m390 steel, you are reluctant to take them out and use them for fear of scratching them up. I've sold off a lot of my higher end knives to buy knives like the ones made by CT&K. In fact, I tend to buy 2 of the same model, one for use and one for the safe. I have over 75 fixed blades and 60 or so folders. Trust me when I say that CT&K makes a great value product. This Hudson Bay knife is something I proudly own and recommend wholeheartedly.

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