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Bravo 1 LT MagnaCut Fixed Blade Texas Fencepost Red & Black Liners (USA)

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Bark River Bravo 1 LT Knife with ultra premium CPM MagnaCut blade steel with beautiful handmade Texas fencepost handles and red and black liners set this knife apart from the rest!

The Bravo-1 is a Bark River Knives BEST seller and now it is available in thinner, lighter version... the Bravo 1 LT! Even though the look of the Bravo 1 LT is very much like the original Bravo 1, the feel and handling are that of a completely different knife due to the thinner profile and 2 oz less weight. These knives feature the hottest new CPM MagnaCut steel making it an excellent choice for outdoor and bushcraft hard use! Even though it is thinner than the regular Bravo 1 (5/32" (3.96 mm)), the incredible toughness of MagnaCut steel provides even betterg lateral strength so you end up with a very durable, quick handling knife that holds an excellent edge. With a thinner blade and Bark River Knives famous convex grind, the Bravo 1 LT gives the knife superb balance, increases the cutting edge and makes the handling of the knife excellent. Perfect Knife for the Outdoors, Bushcraft and Hunting!

CPM MagnaCut has the knife world buzzing. It’s been called the next big breakthrough in knife steels and created by Dr. Larrin Thomas. CPM MagnaCut is a premium stainless blade steel and only been available in recent years. The big selling points of MagnaCut are its high toughness, high wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance. Many knife steels settle for a tradeoff, like more toughness at the expense of wear resistance, but Dr. Larrin Thomas, professional metallurgist and writer of, employed some clever tricks to make MagnaCut score high marks in all categories. It has the toughness of CPM-4V (a hard-use steel found on high-end fixed blades) with the stainlessness of CPM-20CV (a tried-and-true premium knife steel used primarily in folders). Thanks to its high wear resistance, it boasts excellent edge retention, but in the same vein, might be a little challenging to sharpen. We recommend ceramic honing and stropping from time-to-time to keep the edge wicked sharp!


    • Overall Length: 9.065"
    • Blade Length: 4.25"
    • Blade Thickness: .156"
    • Handle Thickness: .94"
    • Tang: Full
    • Blade Steel: MagnaCut
    • Weight: 6.6oz
    • Made in Escanaba, MI (USA)
    • Ambidextrous leather sheath included
    • Lifetime Warranty

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