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Blade Tech Small Tek-Lok with Knife Sheath Hardware (USA)

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Blade Tech Small Tek-Lok with Knife Sheath Hardware (USA)

Great for small knives such as ESEE Izula, Kabar and smaller fixed blade knives. Works well with many fixed blades and this tek-lok is designed for mounting knife sheaths and giving you many different positions.

The Small Tek-Lok is an innovative belt loop system from Blade-Tech. It is adaptable to many sheath systems. The locking system allows the knife to be carried in both the vertical or horizontal position on your belt or web gear. Fits 1-1/2" width belts and smaller. Includes hardware. Made of fiber reinforced nylon. Hardware included in this set are as follows; (3) 3/16" posts, (3) 1/4" screws and (2) 1/8" spacers.

The engineers and product developers at Blade-Tech took the original Tek-Lok and reworked its functional ability to add more utility and ease of use in a small package. The Tek-Lok has also been contoured to better fit the profile of the body and to eliminate hot spots. The new Tek-Lok is held in place by two robust retaining tabs. A user friendly, integrated secondary locking system was also built into the newly redesigned Tek-Lok. With the simple motion of a thumb or finger, the redundant lock rotates out of the way to allow the user to pinch the retaining tabs and conveniently remove the Tek-Lok from the belt.

  • The Tek-Lok™ has also been contoured to better fit the profile of the body and to eliminate hot spots.
  • Secure, Innovative and Versatile!
  • Can be attached to Molle straps
  • Comes with Knife Sheath Hardware
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 2" x 1.7" x 0.5"


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Works Great on my KA-BAR BK2 & ESEE3

The Tek-Lok is sturdy and allows you to bolt to all three mounting holes on the sheath. I noticed that mounting on the lowest row of the Tek-Lok causes the sheath tension lock to bump up against the Tek-Lok. This makes it a little harder to pull the knife out of the sheath. This is more due to the design of the tension lock on the sheath as it expands outward when you remove the knife.

I have not put the Tek-Lok to a lot of use yet. However, so far it seems really sturdy.

To put it on your Ka-Bar BK2 sheath.
1. Remove the loop holder from the sheath (4 screws).
2. Using a 13/64 the drill bit. Drill the flange portion off of the loop holder. Do not drill rivet heads. You only have to remove enough of the flange to hit the washer.
3. Using a 1/16th punch, tap out the rivets.

This will leave the three holes undamaged so you can attach the Tek-Lok.

Once you find a mounting position you like. Consider using a little of the "Threadlocker Blue 242" Loctite to secure the screws.

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