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BeaverCraft S09 Set of 4 Knives in Tool Roll

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It is hard to imagine both an advanced woodcarver and a hobbyist who loves to make carved wood crafts without high-quality and functional tools. Both require a reliable arsenal of tools, even if woodworking tasks and frequency of tool use will be different.

The wood carving tools in the BeaverCraft S09 Set of 4 Knives are designed to provide fatigue-free wood carving, even if you carve for a whole day. Functional tests and quality control procedures assure the stable quality of woodcarving for many years.
Thanks to the thoughtful content of the BeaverCraft S09 wood carving set, any craftsman will be able to choose a tool based on their needs, capabilities, and wood carving styles. All tools included in the kits are made of premium quality high carbon steel - an exceptionally durable and wear-resistant material. 

The variety of our wood carving sets is constantly expanding. We introduce new solutions, improve the entire range of tools, and strive for maximum quality and ergonomics of our products. BeaverCraft S09 Set of 4 Knives in Tool Roll will be your best option for personal use and professional work as it combines the highest quality and reasonable price.

This set includes:

  • C8 - Detail Knife
  • SK1 - Spoon Carving Knife 25 mm
  • C4m - Whittling Knife
  • C7 – Small Detail Wood Carving Knife
About the wood carving knives

The blade is made from fine carbon steel. Easy to sharpen and very tough. As such it will bend sooner than it will break, in case something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry! Keep in mind that carbon steel is not stainless. So don't store it while still wet. A couple drops of oil once in a while will make sure the blade stays in great shape.

The handle is made from ash wood. A strong type of wood that is also used for axe handles. The ergonomics of all BeaverCraft tools is great. But the good thing about wood carving knives is that you can always modify the handle yourself. To make it your own!

About BeaverCraft

BeaverCraft produces excellent wood carving knives in Ukraine. It is remarkable how many different models there are to choose from. You will find the perfect knife for any type of wood carving task. From geometric linocuts to spoons and kuksa's or figurines and dolls. The price-quality ratio is great to make sure you can quickly expand your growing collection of wood carving tools.

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