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Arkfeld Pro Flashlight with LED Light, UV and Laser Flashlight 1300 Max Lumens

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Three Beams, One Flashlight!

You read that right - Olight's Arkfeld Pro has triple the lighting possibilities all in one flashlight. Access a cool or neutral white light, a green laser beam, and a UV light with the easy-to-use central dial.

The Arkfeld Pro's triple lighting options are endlessly useful on a day to day basis. Use the laser pointer during presentations or to play with pets. In a flash you can switch to the UV light to identify counterfeit bills or monitor cleanliness. And you'll always have the brilliant white LED, now with an output of up to 1,300 lumens! This upgraded everyday carry light is easy to travel or work with thanks to its low profile square design and two-way pocket clip. Take the Arkfeld Pro with you wherever you go!

Simplistic Recharging

Keep your Arkfeld Pro powered with the internal 1500mAh lithium battery pack. Charging is easy with the included magnetic charging cable. You'll always know when it's time to recharge thanks to the central 5-level battery indicator located below the switch. This battery is built to give your UV light a max runtime of 5 hours, and your laser pointer a max runtime of 61 hours. On moonlight mode, the white LED can last up to 11 days, making it a great light to travel with on extended trips. Efficient power distribution makes the Arkfeld Pro a long-lasting light without adding excessive weight.

Olight Arkfeld Pro is a slim EDC pocket light with a white LED, UV LED and Green laser. Rotate the dial to select output mode, then press for on. The white LED and green laser can be activated simultaneously by turning on the laser first then double press the switch for the white LED. The Arkfeld Pro is waterproof and has magnetic charging. Simply attach the included charging cord to the magnetic base for charging.

Max. 1,300 lumens with 5 lighting modes, 30% brighter than the previous models. Experience enhanced brightness and clarity in your surroundings. Choose the ideal color temperature that suits your preferences.


  • Versatile 3-in-1 EDC: Olight's FIRST rechargeable flashlight that combines 1,300lm white light, 900mW UV light, and Class 3R green laser, offering versatility for a wide range of applications.
  • Pro White Light & Green Laser: White light for daily illumination, laser for pets toy / presentation, and the white light and laser can work in tandem for providing targeted point plus overall brightness.
  • Extreme UV Experience: Strengthened 900mW (365nm) UV light, purer and more professional, nothing invisible to the naked eyes, makes stain/pets urine detection a breeze.
  • Exquisite Design for Elegant You: Hold the flat and sleek body comfortably or easily carry in a pocket; switch lights by effortlessly rotate the intuitive circular selector.
  • More Capacity, More Runtime: The Pro edition is supported by 1500mAh Li-ion battery, increased 42.9% from previous Arkfeld, max runtime of 11 days with five-level indicator, kicking your power anxiety out.


    • Beam Distance: 335 ft (102 m)
    • Max Lumens: 1,300
    • Peak Beam Intensity (candela): 2,608
    • Charge Type: MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging
    • Compatible Battery: 1500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-in)
    • LED: White light: OSRAM P9 (NW 4000-5000K), UV: LUMINUS SST-10-UV 365~370nm
    • Mode Operation: Central Button & Selector
    • Waterproof: IPX7
    • Uses: Lighting, Presentation, Pet Toy
    Lighting Levels
    • LEVEL 1 (lumens): 1,300~420
    • Run-time LEVEL 1: 4 126 minutes
    • LEVEL 2 (lumens): 420~100
    • Run-time LEVEL 2: 135 12 minutes
    • LEVEL 3 (lumens): 100
    • Run-time LEVEL 3: 9h 45 minutes
    • LEVEL 4 (lumens): 15
    • Run-time LEVEL 4: 55 hours
    • LEVEL 5 (lumens): 1
    • Run-time LEVEL 5: 11 days
    • Strobe: Yes
    • SOS / BEACON: No

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