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5ive Star Stainless Wire Saw

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Advance preparation is always required before you head out into the rough, whether it’s for a personal or professional pursuit. To keep a handy cutting implement close at hand with minimal weight penalty, carry the 5ive Star Gear Stainless Steel Wire Saw. Big on application potential but small on size, this compact utility coils up to fit easily into a pocket, backpack or even a small gear pouch.


This multi-stranded tool is built from durable stainless steel to withstand the punishment of rugged environments. It includes cutting wires positioned between a pair of swivel-point rings to provide means for easy handling. Useful for cutting through tree branches and logs for firewood, this versatile implement can also be fashioned into a bow saw at a moment’s notice with little more than a strong, flexible branch.



  • Full stainless steel construction for rugged, long-lasting performance
  • Multi-strand cutting wires with two-ring swivel configuration for easy handling
  • Can be fashioned into makeshift bow saw with found materials
  • Compact, lightweight and easily carried in a pocket or small pouch

Customer Reviews

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Great Idea, FLIMSY Wire!

This product is a great idea. We bought it to trim our pot bellied pig's tusks and first use, the wire snapped! What a waste. I can't imagine how it could cut through a branch when it couldn't hold up to a brittle 1/4" thick tusk. Don't waste your money on this one unless you need it to cut through jello or something super soft!

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