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Best sunglasses I've ever owned by far

Best sunglasses I've ever owned by far. A little tight and kind of irritate the bridge of my nose but the clarity is incredible, they don't attract smudges like other glasses. High quality. Instant fan of Costa because of these. Hard to find good polarized mirror tint sunglasses. Love the color, the picture is not really accurate but not too far off.

Great Lantern

Great little lantern. I purchased this because I was trying to slim down on the gear I take into the field with me. This thing is plenty bright for a group of people around a table at night. Be careful with the globe as it gets extremely hot and there is little room for error when handling it. The metal carrying wire works well enough once you learn how to handle and maneuver the lanten.

Best possible design for a knife this solid, great if you know how to use one

The handle and the knife are clearly designed to work in harmony. Weight distribution and blade shape similarly are tuned ideally. Good balance makes even the carry a singularly positive experience. I made a pouch sheath sans-snap or strap for mine with a slight rear cant. Molding 8 oz. leather around the hilt and handle is sufficient to keep the knife stable in any ordinary position. On the hip or in the hand, I never feel that the knife will move a different direction than I move. The tempered 1075 is very sharp. Similar to early-era metal used in swords and litter-cutting knives for medics, this steel will dig through rubble without breaking and can be quickly resharpened. The shape is that of a serious fighter. The designer's knowledge is beautifully demonstrated in the details of the hilt. Heft one!

Mix of heart and sapwoods. Also, a bit short.

It splits wood fairly effectively, but I still find I have to go to the sledge and wedge fairly frequently.
the more I use it the more I like it. I still think this would be a better product with a longer handle - with a bit of a curve. Also, I don't know if it is a completely an urban legend about mixing heart and sapwood, but it does look awkward. The grain was excellent though.

Best Axe Made

I have several axes around my property since I have a lot of trees, and spend a fair amount of time chopping wood, whether it is splitting firewood, or bucking downed trees. This axe is clearly used for splitting wood, and that it does like a dream. You really cannot believe just how good this axe is at splitting wood until your try it. Yeah, it costs a bit more then others, but you will soon forget the price tag. You will never forget just how great this axe is every time you pick it up.

Truly a sheepdog's knife.

Love this knife. Emerson's locks are sticky until they break in, don't be surprised. The thumb disk, wave feature and flipper give the user multiple blade deployment options. The bearings the blade runs on are very smooth, allowing the blade to fly right out when deployed.

Great optics, bright, crisp & CLEAR - even without a warranty

This is a great scope, It is clear with solid optics at a huge discount. Remember that Brunton has gotten out of the Optics market so there is no warranty on these scopes. With that in mind they have been known to have very good optics. This scope lists at $1800 and sold at $1500 give or take. So to pick one up for under $600 was a price worth the risk of not having a warranty. Very Clear, clean picture even in low light.

Its ok

Soooo close to a sweet knife. Awesome blade shape, lightweight, smooth action. Only 2 issues I have, are the pocket clip, and the flipper. Pocket clip should be deep carry style, the knife rides high out of the pocket, really stiff. The flipper is to small, sticks out maybe an 1/8 inch, just barely enough space to grab it and flip it open.

a good weight

I love all my condor knifes and condor makes great leather sheaths. This is a good chopper it comes sharp out the box. Its a heavy knife. I love chopping with it, it feels good in my hand. But the day i got it i went n my backyard to try it out and chop so wood, after few chops i looked at the blade and it had a small chip in the middle of the blade. Dont know how it happen but it did. So i touched it up a little bit with a stone and i cant really tale no more. Besides that i love the knife great price.

Very thorough, but far from compact.

Very thorough and well stocked - unless you are in the deepest jungle or trapped in a war zone, you're not very likely to run into many travel situations this won't cover. It's a lot bigger and heavier than anticipated though. Not a problem if you are driving or checking bags. But if you rely solely on carry-on luggage (which more of us are doing with usurious charges for checked luggage), it will take up a disproportionate amount of your luggage allowance, so you may want to judiciously pare down the contents. If space and weight are not an issue, very good value for the money, and very complete. Add some more stomach pills of every description - most people experience problems in that area if they travel, especially to "exotic" locations. And if you are travelling in the developing world, don't forget to add a Lifestraw!

Excellent choice for travel and emergencies

The Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System is an excellent choice for one or two persons' use while traveling, camping, and other situations where you may need to drink water of unknown safety. The kit is small and lightweight. With proper care, the filter is very long-lasting and does not involve the regular replacement of disposable filter elements. I filtered some pond water, which, although clear, was likely to have contained some bacteria, and the resulting filtered water was fresh-tasting and apparently potable (no ill effects post 48 hours!).
Assuming relatively clear water and an unclogged filter, the unassisted (gravity only, no squeezing) drip rate was about 250 ml/8 oz. per minute, so it follows that with a bit of pressure on the bag, the rate could be increased somewhat.
One thing I might recommend to the manufacturer is a step-by-step instruction sheet with pictures, as there are a number of similar parts with similar names, and it took me a little while to figure out which end to connect where. The manufacturer's video on the amazon page describes how to backwash after use, and this is important in maintaining efficiency and safety of the filter.

Another great and useful knife from TOPs

The Tops Little Bugger designed by Matt Graham is a great little fixed blade. I like that it’s a small and light fixed blade but not too light. The blade is 1095 and Tops does a great heat treatment on their blades.

Mine came super sharp and the grind is perfect. Love the wharncliffe blade as it’s super useful for slicing and general cutting tasks. The spine has a notch cut for a ferro rod and the jimping is aggressive and on a blade this thin that’s excellent because your thump isn’t going slip off it.

Love the micarta handles with the black liners. I can get about three and half finger on the handle and I have large hands. The handle is slim but wide so it it doesn’t feel too thin in the hand.

Great hight quality First Aid Kit to keep in your car.

I love this First Aid Kit! It's organized and categorized by "wound type". You can register online so they could send you a reminder if when the products expire (like medicines and ointments). I bought 2 of these to keep in both our vehicles. The carrying case is well built and seems durable. There's also room to add any extra items that you think you might need. I also like that it comes with a booklet with instructions and images on how to administer first aid treatment to wounds, etc. I highly recommend this kit. We also ordered bigger kit from Adventure Medical Kits that we are storing at home for our disaster preparedness kit.

The Olight Baton series of lights could just be the best EDC

The Olight Baton series of lights could just be the best EDC flashlight you will ever carry. You can clip it to a hat or use the magnet in the tail to place it on any metal surface. This light was supplied to me for review but I purchased my Titanium Baton light a few years ago and carry it everywhere. Love these lights.

Perhaps this is the knife to bring to a gun backup.

The knife is definitely built to last. Came sharp out of the box but could use some fine tuning if your looking for razor sharp (maybe it was just mine?). Went from a Griptilian to this and couldn't be happier, however it may be too large for EDC for some. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and this knife was worth every penny.

Four Stars

Love it, but the handle near the blade is splintery

well made with great latches that are easy to open even with gloves

Hugh, Big, Gigantic, this puppy is BIG. takes two people to move it when it's loaded. I should have looked more closely at the dimensions. not anybody's fault but my own.
now as far as the cooler itself. well made with great latches that are easy to open even with gloves. I love how sturdy it's built no problem with standing on it or resting heavy gear on the lid. holds two twenty pound bags of ice for over five days in the summer no sweat.
worth the extra money with it's lifetime no hassle guarantee
if you want a HUGH cooler that will keep your stuff cold spend a few extra dollars you'll be glad you did.

Even tough it is on the expensive side, it is totally worth it!!!

This is by far the best hiking socks that I ever tried!! My sister gave me my first pair after I complaint that my hiking boots were giving me blisters, after that no more blisters!! So I had to buy another one :) I was actually planning to buy 2 more but the other color I wanted didn't have my size.... If you are like me and could go for a hike every day I definitely recommend this socks!! Btw, they actually dry pretty quickly too!!

Review after a 4 day backpacking trip

This was one of the most important things used on our backpacking trip. It was very lightweight. I love the fact that I could pick up sticks around our campsite and use those for fuel rather than carry my fuel in. I would be the first one up in the morning and, therefore, the designated water-boiler. I started by collecting tinder, small sticks and med-small sticks, broke them in stove-sized pieces and piled them up beside my "kitchen" area. I then set the stove on a flat rock or cleared, flat forest floor. I used a small fire starter log, dryer lint and matches to get things started. It didn't take long at all. Once the fire starts and looks like it can burn for awhile, I set the full companion pot on top. I noticed right away that it tends to smother the fire, so I pushed it slightly to the side to allow the fire to "breathe". The problem with this is that the flames sneak out from under the pot, so the area must be safely cleared so as to not start the forest on fire! This is the only "complaint" I have about the stove/pot set. I meant to time how long it takes to actually boil water on this stove, but forgot every single time! "A watched pot never boils", right? Seems that way! I had to babysit this stove to make sure it didn't get dumped, that the fire kept going, and to make sure the flames didn't get the handle too hot. Once the fire was out it cooled surprisingly quickly with a very small amount of ashes. All in all a very good product!

Of course it’s Zero Tolerance and it’s made in the U.S.

Zero Tolerance is a great brand . Made right here in then U.S. these knives are definitely quality made. You can tell that as soon as you pick it up. Sharp right out of the box. Made with quality materials. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is it’s a little on the small and light side for a ZT. Knife. I have several and used to them being big and heavy. Otherwise same quality I’m used to.

Outdoorsy guy loves these socks

Bought these for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer. For an outdoorsy guy, he has sweaty feet though and he liked the cool max feature with these socks. He loves this brand so much that he got me some for my stocking stuffer too lol.

Excellent Design, Good Value

It's funny: I don't really consider myself a knife collector yet I keep buying them. Each knife I own has a particular niche; e.g., camping, fishing, everyday carry and around-the-house, self-defense. I categorize the Burnley Obake CRKT as a weapon, a self-defense knife. The knife itself is well-made, with a nice aesthetic, an excellent grip and a good edge, but it's the sheath/lanyard setup I really like. With practice, presentation of this knife from sheathed and secured, tucked and concealed at my side, to out and ready is faster than all but my push-button automatics. Besides, for the price point, you simply can't do much better.

It’s Darn Tough to find anything to complain about regarding these socks!

It’s Darn Tough to find anything to complain about regarding these socks. (Except maybe the price! And that is the only reason for one star off.) If you can afford them, buy them. I cannot imagine that you would regret it. They are worth every penny, even if it seems an exorbitant number of pennies. The upshot though is that they have a great warranty. Just make sure to follow their washing instructions. This will definitely help with the longevity and continued high performance and comfort of the socks. That being said, the construction is fantastic and the comfort is remarkable. They make smart wool look like village idiot wool.

A steal of a knife.

I love this thing. 3V steel for the price is unheard of. I’ve never felt a grip like whatever this is. Awesome blade. Buy this NOW.

Hatchet 5 star cover 0

I absolutely love this hatchet. Excellent for woodwork. I made a paracord wrap around neck to protect the handle. That being said, I think for the money spent the mask/cover is a little cheap. That's the 4 star rating.