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Great Knife

Awesome knife, great action. Pocket clip is tight as hell, but that is no where near a show stopper. North River Outdoors is a great company to deal with.

Protect Strider is just OK.

Like all Protech autos, the action is strong and fit and finish is great. However, the pocket clip on this model is atrocious. Knife sits far too high in the pocket, and the clip is ridiculously tight. It’s very difficult to remove from your pocket. In addition to that, this one is overpriced. Close to $300 for 154CM these days is a bit much. You can find 20CV on $100 knives! The scarcity of availability is mostly what drew me in, but this one will likely be gifted to someone who doesn’t know any better.

Beautiful axe, arrived fast

Haven’t had a chance to swing it yet but the Arvika arrived and it’s a beauty. Handle is also better than I was expecting and came with one of those HB leather sheaths as well. Product shipped very quickly, super happy with the purchase, and barring anything unforeseen, I would definitely order an axe from North River in the future.

I love the size and feel

Haven't used much yet but am excited with the way it feels in the hand and fits in the pack.

Benchmade 9400BK Osborne Auto Knife 3.4" S30V Black Plain Blade, Green Handles

Mediator is the perfect edc

What can I say about this knife that isn't apparent by just going over the pictures.
Very well designed, super light weight, easy to carry in any pocket.
Feels good in the hand, and is faster than any thumb stud opener.
Scales and design is simply beautiful.
Benchmade had been making auto knifes for decades, this knife is the cumulation of all those years & designers that helped BM get to where they are today.
A bit on the smaller side, but then again carrying the early BM Auto's was not this easy.
North River Outdoors has a superb choice of many Benchmade knifes, so if auto's aren't your thing, take a look around.
Can't go wrong with a single Benchmade, all their knives deserve five stars.
Upon getting it into my hands.......bought a second one just because its that good!!

Perfect size

Can be used for range or short trips. Improve the material for assassin 3.


Good set of carbon steel blades they are a very old school set and good fit in the hands. Cutting edge stays sharp for a very long time good quality set

white river

white river knives are some of the best. quality is the best. i have several white river knives and all of them are remarkable. customer service at north rivers outdoors is great. fast service and great communication


super strong and works great awsome

Impressively well made.

Function and presentation are as solid as can be expected. This 122-4 is exactly what I was looking for. North River had it out to me just in time when it couldn't be found elsewhere! Very happy.

Awesome - ten stars

I own a few OTF and OTS automatics by some very good knife makers, and they’re great knives. The regular Buck 110 in and of itself is a classic must own. The Buck 110 auto is phenomenal! This is absolutely in competition with any of the autos by the high end makers. Deploys quickly and it has an absolutely solid lock once deployed. ZERO concerns about the blade closing in any situation or environment you deploy it. And it’s extremely sharp. If your a knife collector or just looking for a great everyday dependable auto you’d be crazy not to buy this one.

Great product just needs some direction

I’ll get my gripe out of the way, I wish it had a bit more direction as it took a few days till I got a good grind. I wish it said water or no water and how to use the hone oil.
Other then that awesome product, easy set up everything fits well and can’t get a better edge anywhere else

Boost Federal

Great knife, service was excellent and I received it in about a week.


This OTF is a solid and powerful knife, and the action is excellent.

Mediator has better alternatives

The mediator certainly has the quality you would expect from Benchmade Knives, but I believe the Benchmade Bugout is a superior choice.

1) The Bugout is less expensive.
2) Both Mediator and Bugout are roughly the same size and weight.
3) Bugout is legal in states that restrict automated knives.
4) The Bugout blade can be deployed just as fast as the Mediator automatic.
5) The Bugout is much easier to close one handed.

My conclusion: Unless you have a niche need for the Mediator then you should give heavy consideration to the Bugout.


This is an awesome hatchet, probably the most comfortable one I’ve ever held. Phenomenal weight, supremely forged head, sharp! Beautiful hatchet without a doubt. Well worth the money

Protech tr-3 mc1

This knife is flat out awesome. The snappy auto action, great design ergonomics and beasty magnacut steel blade were three major selling points for me. The fish scale scales were the icing on the cake. Sure it's pricey but that's to be expected from a blade by Protech with a new cutting edge steel . I can't thank North River Outdoors enough for getting this stunner to me. It was my first purchase from them but won't be my last.

Love it!

Had my old one for 4 yrs (used it EVERYDAY) & it was finally showing it's wear the past handful of months & decided it was time for a new one! I'll never go back to using anything else 🙌 so practical & accommodating for all my needs & SO very well made!

Outstanding quality

Excellent knife, thank you!

Protech TR-3 Magnacut

I like the knife but believe it’s overpriced.
The finish on the lock button was very rough and can snag your clothes. Not up to the usual high standards of Protech.

Pro-Tech Malibu Flipper 5205 3.24" CPM-20CV Reverse Tanto

Ready. Set. ACTION!!!

This knife sells itself. Even at this price point. The blade could have been a bit more sharpened, but it’s a great blade nonetheless. Thank you for the great experience shopping with you guys!

Curtiss F3 Medium SL/NF

Very nice knife. Excellent fit and finish. Smooth action. Sharp. Excellent seller. Quick shipping.