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Quality Knives, Forged Axes & Unique Gear - Fast Shipping


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Microtech ultra tech

Absolutely love the quality of this knife. And North river outdoors by far had the best price. Shipped quick as well. Will be back for more. Always support American small businesses.

No new installation hardware or sage installation advice

Blade did not come with new nut and bolt and customer support did not respond to inquiry. I used an allen wrench as a punch (not a nail) and was able to re-use the original spring pin. The new blade seems OK.

Best of the cheap otf knives

A knife u can enjoy opening and closing. Also nice to look ar. The blade lacks quality and there is some blade play when the blade is out. Good, cheap, starter way to try out the otf scene. Best otf for $30ish dollars out there

Outstanding Gransfors Products and Great Service from North River Outdoors

Great Maul and Wedges! The maul splits logs like going through butter---less so of course when you hit a knot, but still easier than my old maul. I have several Gransfors axes and they are worth the price. Dealing with North RIver Outdoors is a pleasure and they make every effort to make the customer happy---thanks for the great service! //Eric in Va Bch

Microtech UTX-85 231-1T S/E just the right size for every day

This is a great knife to carry everyday. It is made well and works great. I had to get some rem oil it started to hang up after week 1 but after I used the oil it works great.

Benchmade Mini-freek

Nice and Lite!!!

Enjoyed working with your staff

Prompt service enjoyed working with y’all.

best little axe

I was given this axe 2 years ago and have used it heavily since felling and limbing 6-8" trees, mostly softwood. I like it enough I'm buying the slightly larger version of the same. I've been very impressed with the durability of its edge and the quality of the handle. The handle shows minor wear, but hasn't split, splintered or dented at all - something about quality of the hickory and the keel shape the handle has right behind the bit, maybe. The steel is good - hard for an axe but not so hard it chips easily. Don't even try to sharpen it with a cheap file, it won't work. For me and what I'm cutting it's been the right trade-off of hard to sharpen but holds a sharp edge longer. The 19" handle lets it do MUCH more than a hatchet can and lets me work in tight growth and thickets with it, tucks into the belt easily too. The sheath works well and is easy to loose, maybe I should tie flagging to it. This axe has taken heavy use and my hundreds of small mistakes in stride so far, and if I keep on treating it right, I'm sure it will go right on past the 20 year mark.

Great backpack

I have been searching high and low to find a backpack that will fit someone tall, such as myself. This backpack fits perfectly, and appears to be very well made.

Quality Tool

I enjoy handling this tool as it feels of great quality. Pleasing to the eyes. Will outlast me.

Exceptional product, Outstanding service

North River Outdoors was out of the product I ordered, but they promptly contacted me and were able to guide me to a superior product substitution . Thank you NRO.

Hults Bruk Jonaker Hatchet

The hatchet is well built and ideal as a pack hatchet. Its short handle allows for a compact footprint and is ideal for camp chores. I have used it around the house and once on the trail already and found it worked great. I would recommend the hatchet to anyone looking for a small camp axe. The sheath is well made and should provide years of service.

Best quality ever!


He loves it!

My husband always liked this brand but now that he has it and it is so smooth, I’m sure there will be another one in the future!

North River Microtech

Fast shipping to the hands of carrier 3 hrs
Knife is flawless razor sharp double edge serrated.

Not very sharp, I had to sharpen it myself. Does not have the great feel in hand. Box is very cheaply made. ATB!

Good Puc

The item is well made. I used it to smooth out some rise on the interior if a tubed Harley spoke wheel. Cleans up edges quick. I'm happy.

Packaging and Shipping

It shipped fast and was packed really well. I almost didn’t order an axe because a disproportionate amount of hand tools come through the system busted through the box. North River had that axe tightly wrapped in some kind of thick woven like paper material and filled the voids in the box completely. It’s probably weird to write a review going on about packaging but I’m a delivery driver and hate delivering a busted up box as much as customers hate receiving them. If you’re thinking about getting a Gransfors Bruks there’s plenty of information online about them and they live up to their reputation. If you’re considering going through North River I’d encourage you to do it because they ship fast package well and update you throughout the process

Spyderco 30 knife SpyderPac

Yup, filled up another one! Good price, quality product, and fast shipping!

Steven gift

It was a gift for my son and he was very happy with it.

Near-Perfect Mid-Tech EDC Knife

This is one of those knives where the pictures and videos just don’t do it justice, and you have to hold it yourself to appreciate it. The blade glides in and out smooth and has a very snappy action if you give it a little bit of wrist. The build is solid, the feel is premium, form-fitted, with great ergonomics.

My only gripes are the pocket clip doesn’t have enough tension so that it clicks against the frame, and the lock bar itself has no stainless steel insert so there is massive lock stick. It may break in, though, and it’s not really a major concern for me. Out of the box the blade came incredibly, terrifyingly sharp! This is a great slicer and just an overall great looking and feeling knife.

Love it

Exactly what my husband wanted. Delivery was fantastic!


Splits are real hard for me to do — this hatchet makes them easy.


Great knife!!