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Good knife couple of gripes

- Fit and finish were great for the price point
- Speed safe opened smooth with flipper
- lock up was great
- light weight but very solid
- feels good in the hand
- looks like it could be bulky but lays very flat in suit pant pocket
- styling was great as photoed
- handle an grip are great size for my large/XL hands
- red spacers had some shine but not over glossy
- jimping felt good but wouldn't have minded if it extended to frame for better control

- frame lock seems to push blade slightly off center when closed
- blade is very dull out of the box and looks like there could be some grind issues
- thumb stud are purely for looks and completely unusable with this speed safe system. they are too close to the frame and the blade cannot be deployed with the studs short of trying to use a finger nail to start the speed safe action. I have a Blur with speed safe and it's pretty tight but i got used to it once i got the angle down. not possible with this knife.

Overall great value and good styling from AL MAR
I don't love the two different sides of the frame. I think keeping both sides aluminium and smooth dark black finish would have been a better choice. I will likely buy the AM-3 and AM-5

Crafted and built with thought and intention

This is a nice axe! Crafted and built with thought and intention. It feels good in the hands and came so sharp you could shave with joke!

I'd Recommend This to Anyone up to Switch Their Knife Game a Bit

A very small knife that is useful to carry when fishing and when hunting. The people of the cold north have been using these for ages and finding a company that makes them in The USA with D2 Steel and puts a proper Heat Treatment just made it amazing. As a Knifemaker, I understand the importance of information about a product,
The Steel:
As I mentioned, It is D2 Steel, a High Carbon Steel used in industrial settings. It is often said that it is a Semi-Stainless Steel, and that is because of it's high content of Chromium. No steel is Stainless or Rust Free and even Stainless can develop surface rust. This knife is hard to stain though, and it will hold up for awhile without being oiled like 1095 would. D2 is very very resistant, therefore, a bit harder to sharpen, but once sharpened, it holds an edge for a lifetime.
The Blade:
It is Full tang, and the edges are 90 degrees so you could strike a Ferro Rod for a Fire. It is also Beveled on one side, which means the other side is completely Flat. Many people were not aware of this.
The Handle:
It is a very good material that is water resistant and is pinned with two brass rods and has a lanyard hole, though the snap of the leather sheath gets in the way of one.
The Sheath:
Made out of Leather and in the US, Very high quality and properly made with a welt and all. It has a snap closing system that serves it's purpose and a belt loop to attach to a belt.

Overall this is a very good knife and it is very useful in the right hands.
I'd Recommend This to Anyone up to Switch Their Knife Game a Bit.

Mandatory Leatherman upgrade.

Very compact, 42 bits taking up as much room as 10 regular bits.
Very high quality, haven't stripped one in 2 years of use as a primary screwdriver set.
Paint comes of easily, but doesn't impair function.
Takes up a lot of space in a belt holster and I don't like stuff on my belt anyway, so I carry them in my pocket, held together back to back with two ranger bands. That way it is one unit and I can still access them easily.
Torx 6/8 very useful for knife maintenance.

Jet engine

Great stove for quick boil and then mix with food, but it doesn't cook well. It's hard to adjust the fuel to stay steady or simmer. But if you are eating back packing meals all you need is to boil water and add it, i was able to boil water in around a minute with the jet engine giving off the flame. When purchasing the fuel the 16 doesn't fit inside with the stove I recommend one size smaller and everything will fit together. Over all good purchase I'm happy with it for backpacking, but not for camping where cooking your food is necessary.

Wonderful knife/blade! Too tight (will work on it) clip!

Good size, quick to open - when you want it to, well sharpened very educational item. Good fit/feel in my hand. Since I just got it I can't say much more yet, but Amazon asked now, so..... I just hope this is not being discontinued.

Only note : do wish the pocket clip was slightly looser - this does not attach to or release from jeans at all easily. I would like that fixed/changed - just a little bit!! With all my Kershaw/Onion designed items.

Although I have knives I like better, I do like it...

I added this one to my collection after handling it in a store and then being unable to get it out of my mind - buying knives is like eating potato chips, you can not eat just one. LOL. Anyway, mine is razor sharp, fits in my hand nicely and comfortable to carry in my pocket. It flips open ok, but could be a little faster. Although I have knives I like better, I do like it.

Excellent knife, blade a bit short.

Used this knife to dress and then skin and debone a whitetail this year. It was sharp and cut very well. I would say that the cutting length is too short to be a good deboner. It's short length created a tendency to cut short. It did not rust yet. The handle finger groves served well to grip the knife when wet with blood. The closure loop on the sheath had to be closed very tight and carefully to truly serve to restrain the blade from removal/falling out. I would recommend fine tuning that piece of the sheath to make closing it for the purpose of restraining it from removal more facile and foolproof.

I would recommend this knife to a friend with the caveat that it's cutting length is only about three inches and should be lengthened to four. The finger groove on the blade would be fine to keep as well so overall blade length on this knife should be five inches, not four. There are plenty of kids' jack-knives with three inch cutting blades. This is supposed to be a top end hunting knife. Make the cutting edge longer. Well worth the money.

The sheath is not ideal.

This is a good self defense knife but it has its flaws. The flaws are not with the blade but with the sheath. Even with having a belt through the clip you still have to hold the sheath while pulling out the knife. If you don't hold the sheath the it will come off the belt with the knife still in it.

Excellent Backpack for a lot of situations

This is the perfect all around bag. I am using it as a diaper/disneyland bag, a day hiking bag, and also as a traveling bag.

Why I like this bag...
1. It's simplicity. I like a bag that has many features, but looks simple and not overcomplicated with a so many compartments. This bag has one big main compartment for everything. Inside the main compartment is a small zippered mesh pouch for loose items. Back outside, there's a small zippered compartment at the top. This one is much bigger and it's lined with a soft material. I can fit an iPad mini 4 in there with ease. On the sides of the pack are two mesh pockets and two zipper pouches on the hip belt. What I really like is the front of the bag has a large mesh pocket. I can squeeze a jacket in there or baby wipes for ease of access. Along the back is a padded panel for a water pack. It easily fits my 13" MacBook Pro, but I don't carry my laptop around anymore.

2. It's weight. This bag is really light. I think it's a little bit over a pound.

If you're like me and can't decide on the color and sizes. Here's my perspectives.

Size - Instead of worrying about torso size, just go with M/L if you want a 22L bag or S/M if you want a 20L bag.

Great for the money. No other quality down bag near this price point.

This is a great bag that lofts well and holds up to its 40f claim. Just a couple items of note. This is a 600 fill bag but the draft guard and the bottom of the foot box are synthetic. The tag claims 75% down minimum to 25% feather but to feel it I'd say it's a little higher, which is a good thing. Wish that the 75% was advertised somewhere prior to purchase, would've liked a higher target.

Only questionable thing is tag claims the fill weight is 10.2 ounces but the Kelty website says 12 ounces. Don't think it should be an issue but idk what Kelty is doing there. I also wonder if the 10.2 ounces includes the synthetic fill or is just the down, the bag doesn't specify. Would've liked that almost two additional ounces of down.

For the price you won't find better for late spring through early fall camping. Don't forget that Kelty also has a pretty broad lifetime warranty.

Way too handy for the medic.

I'm a paramedic on a service that uses tibial IO as our primary vascular access on pretty much any pulseless non-breather. We also see a fair amount of trauma, so we tend to cut a lot of pants legs and clothes. I've been using the seven hook for a few years now. It's blindingly fast compared to standard trauma shears, and I haven't found anything, including leather boots, that it won't cut through easily. The included sheath rides well on a uniform belt, and the hook is out of the way until needed, but very fast to deploy.

The only down side is cost - I've 'lost' two to date, and just bought my third. At ~30 bucks a pop, they suck to lose, especially when trauma shears are dirt cheap. After falling back on shears for the past couple months though, I just shelled out for another hook.

Oh, and another cautionary word - they slice through ECG leads every bit as easily as clothes.

Throwing Tomahawk (Brass Inlay) with Leather Collar

Oldsters Read Instructions Carefully!

I like it is small and therefore easiily out of the way. Seems to work fine although it took me a day or so to figure out when I was trying to charge the battery I actually needed to plug the battery into the radio. It came in the battery compartment so I wrongfully thought it was already connected and just needed to be plugged in to charge. Then when it didn't charge finally got it figured out. Now I'm 75 years old so a younger whippersnapper might not have this trouble! This also may have contributed to the initial problems I had learning how to set the radios functions. However once getting it all straight in my mind the radio works fine and has a good sound for it's small size.

Great bag but needs better straps/stuff sack

I love these bags! Got two of them to zip together for a queen sized air mattress. First off, they are big and roomy. They're big even when packed in their included "stuff sack" - slightly bigger than a water cooler bottle. They are also extremely comfortable and I have no doubt they will be warm down to 25 degrees. But nicely, they don't get too warm either. The zipper can be opened from either end, and has a velcro flap at the top to keep it from coming unzipped during the night. Zippers work great and two zip together perfectly. The only reason they didn't get 5 stars is due to the elastic bands to hold it rolled up and the stuff sack. The elastic bands are sewn to the bag and I've had them before on other bags. After a couple of years, they lose their elasticity and are useless. Attached compression straps would be much better. The stuff sack is a little bit too lightweight to last very long and the seams are not reinforced, so it won't be long before it becomes torn up. I'm going to double stitch the seams to hopefully help is last a little longer. Overall, a great comfortable roomy sleeping bag that should hold up well despite a somewhat cheap stuff sack.

razor sharp right out of the box and this size is perfect for EDC

I received my ZT 0350BW before I expected it to arrive! It came as I have come to expect from Zero Tolerance, razor sharp right out of the box and this size is perfect for EDC, as it does not interfere with whatever you have in your pocket! As the box states this knife is built Like a tank and can handle anything you throw at it! I highly recommend this knife for anyone looking for a good EDC knife!

Great value for the price

Great value for the price. Quality materials. No bubbles in the compass fluid. Sharp image thru magnifying glass. Only drawbacks - 1) very hard to change from magnetic North to True North. 2) Instruction are printed in very, very small print.

It's big

I ordered this sleeping bag for my wife and I to take on a camping trip to Maine for a week. I am thoroughly impressed. I am 5ft 10in tall and have a size 40 waist (US), so I am a larger (bellied) sized fellow. My wife is of similar dimensions. We both fit in this bag with plenty of room to spare. Every morning we would find that due to sleeping on top of an air mattress (I didn't say we were roughing it) we were both drooping off in our own directions which put a fair amount of stress on the zippers and seems, they help up beautifully with no issues. The warmth of this sleeping bag was perfect for late summer in Maine where temps were down in the 50's at the coldest and up to the 70's on the higher end.


Blade is so sharp & I use it daily for work & playtime fishing, a little hard to open but I like it

The Perfect Bag

This is the perfect liner for big and small folks. With straps to adjust the size, it packs down tight on my smaller frame but also fits my husband if he steals my bag. It keeps you plenty warm for Rocky Mountain nights. You won't regret getting this liner.

Walked 100+ miles with this bag, held up great and fit full size DSLR+2 lens. Would buy again.

Pro's: It's pretty "small"/compact, but it fits my 5D MkIII w/ 1 "small lens" attached (24-105 f/4 + hood or 24-70 f/2.8, no hood) and my 70-200mm with hood at the same time inside it. Remaining interior space fit a couple filter cases, lens cleaner pen, spare battery, charger - or in lieu of all that you could probably cram in a flash. I have another small bag like this, The side tripod attachment area is really handy, When I didn't want to drag that around I folded up a jacket or longsleeve shirt and wrapped it in there, it has 'flaps' and cinchable straps so you can use to hold stuff like that, you could even cinch in a water bottle, if it was curved - ones w/o curves tended to pop out after a while. The other side pocket on the other side (I didn't get an "optional" water bladder) is pretty flat/tight, you can't really cram a lot in there. It has nice adjustable straps for your chest and your waist. When you attach the waist one you can slide it around and access the bag with it sorta hanging off the front of you, pretty handy. I wasn't sure about how it only opened on the back, but this worked out pretty well actually. it was HOT on our trip (Italy in July!) and it held up nicely, there are holes for ventilation, no gross sweat stains, etc. I couldn't have expected it to be better really.

Con's: It's very compact. It fit the core camera gear, but nothing else which you might need for a day trip. I wish there was maybe one small flap/zipper pocket on the front or the other side pocket would stretch out 1-2" more so that would let me put just a few more things in there.And when we were on the airplane my Surface, etc, was again in my wife's bag. So if you were flying solo on a plane, think about how you'll need a 2nd "personal" bag for anything beyond your core camera gear. I guess if I could have fit at least 1 (med sized) hard glasses case in it, I would have given it 5 stars!

Fantastic Knife

Excellent quality product. Great fit and finish. Perfect blade centering and smooth operation.

Decent tool, if you get it on sale

The question is, what do you need?

This multitool provides very decent pliers (I for one prefer the anvil style cutters on the Gerber vs those found on my Leatherman Wave, especially for cutting a size 10 "E" guitar string, which the Wave can't cut). Even though the knife is partially serrated, which I am not a fan of, the non serrated portion is at the tip, which I prefer for slicing, and the blade feels like it is decent quality (even though it is no doubt 420 or comparible Gerber mystery steel).

What I don't like about the tool, and one of the reasons I don't carry it every day is that the flat driver is nearly useless at the plier end of the tool, and barely an inch long. The phillips is a 2D design, and doesn't get a good purchase in any application that requires significant force.

The carabineer is OK, but I would much prefer a more useful tool (especially since there is a pocket clip on the knife (which I think should be on EVERY multitool as an option). The black version of this tool, with the safety cutter is a better version, but that still leads me to the question, what do you need in a multi tool? This may cut it for some, I would say it is better to get a Leatherman Wingman at this price point, and for a few bucks more you can get a Juice S2, which adds scissors, and loses a few ounces in the process.

nice bag but does not compress tightly enough

This was a very nice bag -- high quality and great price. Unfortunately, I needed a bag that compressed very tightly / small package in stuff sack for backcountry backpack hiking. A great weekend bag, but needed smaller footprint for 11 day trip.

Great Knife for the money.

Sure it's not completely perfect, but for the price it's a great option for everyday carry. If your looking for something with more features the take a look at the Les George designed Zt 909 which is beefier and made with premium materials. As a user tool, it has a decent edge and not hard to touch up. Even with the cheaper 8Cr13Mov steel, the Pico is great. Feels good in the hand and carries well. The price is so good that if I were to loose this knife (as I have done with more expensive knives) it won't hurt as much to loose it. Great product.