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Gear Review: Manker E14 II Flashlight - NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS

Gear Review: Manker E14 II Flashlight

Manker E14 II is a new high lumen (2200) every day carry flashlight from a small company name Manker. Like most of the flashlight industry, this flashlight is made overseas. We pulled this review together to provide you with details on this new flashlight to help shed some light on it's overall quality, use of operational modes and most importantly what we liked and disliked. Let's start with the intensity of the light or simply the lumens of this flashlight. The Manker E14 II Flashlight has a turbo mode that can produce upwards to 2200 lumens. That's right 2200 lumens is very impressive for such a small flashlight with today's technology. To power and recharge it, their's an hidden internal USB Rechargeable port that's sealed inside the copper head that gives this flashlight an waterproof advantage and depth. With the combination of multiple modes, copper plated and an extra extension tube for 18350 battery's to make this flashlight even smaller, there is a lot to like with Manker's new flashlight. 

You have two choices of LED's which selecting the new Manker E14 II: Cree XP-G3 LED or Nichia 219C LED. In comparing the two, the Nichiea 219C LED is less brightness than the Cree XPG3. It is important to note that the XP-G3 performs at 190 lumen per watt and has a XP-E similar die size so works well with 10mm and 16mm optics. 

What did we like?

  • Craftsmanship and Build: Love the overall fee, size and quality of materials where the copper helps to disperse the heat and give a good balance.
  • Simplicity of the Operation mode: Quick press to cycle thru the four modes, Long Press to turn off, and double quick press to go directly to Turbo Mode (2200 lumens). How more simply can this flashlight get?

What needs improvement?

  •  The accessories that come with it are less than desired. The micro usb cable used for power is only a few inches in length and should be 2-4 feet realistically for practical use.
  • Sheath is basic at best and not up to decent quality. I'd like to see an improvement in quality and stitching.
  • No USB Wall Charger: Manker assumes that we will be charging from a laptop or computer that sits only inches away when reality we use the common wall charger for most of our devices and need a longer cable when remote charging in our cars or battery packs.

Flashlight Specs:

  • Emitter: Cree XP-G3 LED or Nichia 219C LED
  • Maximum 2200 lumens output
  • Maximum beam intensity: 6000cd
  • Maximum beam distance: 155meters
  • Waterproof standard: IPX-8, 2M
  • Impact resistance: 2meters
  • Working voltage: 2.7 - 4.2v
  • Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit
  • Micro USB interface rechargeable function
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Surface treatment: Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Dimensions: 78mm length x 27mm head diameter
  • Weight: 94gram (without battery)
  • Accessories: O-ring *1, Extension tube *1, Lanyard *1, Holster *1, pocket clicp *1, USB charging cable *1, high drain 2600mAh 18650 battery *1
  • Brightness Levels & runtime:
  • Moonlight 0.1-5lm >240hrs,
  • Low 22lm 38hrs
  • Medium 140lm 10hrs
  • High 850lm 3.5hrs
  • Turbo 2200 - 850lm 40s -1hrs (Max 2200lm output, after 40s stepdown to 850lm)
  • Strobe 2200lm


A fully charged 18650 will be 4.2 volts. It can be discharged safely to 2.7 volts.  

How to Operate:



1. When the flashlight is off, one click, access to moonlight mode (left part of the figure), one click to circle: moonlight - low - high. Long press for turnning off.
2. When the flashlight is off, long press the button to access to the mode your last use as in left part of the figure (Memory function), one click for circle. Long press for off.
3. When the flashlight is off, double click access to Turbo, one click for circle,. Long press for off.

Engineering mode (Chose output level for moonlight mode):
Quick click for 4 times from any mode to get access to engineering mode. Once click to check different levels and long press to make your final choice.

In Closing:

There's a lot to like from this flashlight. Whether its using the simple operation modes, the powerful lumens emitted by the LED's, or its practical size. Many of us from the NRO Team have quickly favored this flashlight. After a month of use and outdoor field testing, this little flashlight by Manker has impressed us in our expectations that comes from a small company. They make a great gift and would recommend them to others. Check out our video below for a good visual in helping you decide on your new flashlight purchase. 




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