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Warthog USA Elite A4 Knife Sharpener (Includes Wooden Base)

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The Warthog V-Sharp A4 is a sharpening system that anyone can use like an expert. Easy to use and sharpens like a champ. Rely on the A4 when you're at home or in the field. The Warthog V-Sharp A4 features a hand-crafted metal frame, solid rubber base, and durable powder-coat finish. A perfect kitchen knife sharpener for home chefs, pros, outdoorsmen, and other hobbyists.

As a everyday knife user, you understand the frustrations of using dull knives. That's where the all-new ELITE A4 comes in. Our bestselling A4 model now includes a deluxe wooden base, making the sharpening process even easier. With two high quality, 325 grit diamond hones, the A4 sharpens both sides of the blade simultaneously. Plus, with patented V-Sharp system and angle settings of 15-,20-,25- and 30-degrees, this sharpener is perfect for any type of knife. Whether you're a home cook, chef, fisherman, or hunter, the A4 is the ultimate diamond knife sharpener. And don't forget - pair it with our ceramic hones to easily sharpen serrated blades. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, Warthog Sharpeners is the go-to solution for anyone with a dull knife.

  • Breakthrough 15-degree angle for high end specialty knives.
  • Patented V-Sharp system for precision angle adjustments.
  • 4 Adjustable Angles 15-20- 25- 30.
  • 325 Grit Natural Diamond Hones with finishing steels included.
  • Metal Frame Construction.
  • Durable Powder coat Finish.
  • Additional 270, 325, 600, 1000 grit and ceramic hones available.

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