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Trek 237 Two Room Cabin Tent - NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS
Trek 237 Two Room Cabin Tent - NORTH RIVER OUTDOORS


Trek 237 Two Room Cabin Tent

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• 2-room cabin-tent (Size: 8' x 13')
• Sewn-in, zippered dividing curtain
• Large front and rear awnings with poles
• Screened, zip front and rear doors with zip rain flaps.
• Four large screen windows with inside zip storm flaps.
• Walls are strong nylon taffeta and roof is poly canvas
• Floor is rip-stop polyethylene.
• Sreens are No-See-Um mesh.
• Powder coated steel frame
• Poles are chain-linked to make setting-up easy
• Interior sewn-in pockets for storage
• Meets CPAI – 84 fire retardant regulations
• Tent includes stakes, awning poles, storage bag and instructions


Customer Reviews

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Good, only if you are willing to put the work into it

I bought this tent to convert into a winter hot tent. The design will not hold up in the wind, and you will need to use 10 extra stakes and 100' of guy wire to secure it properly. Next, their is no tent fly, as there are for nearly every other model of the same tent. This causes the water to pool on top of the tent, which pulls the frame together, until, if left unattended, will collapse or break your poles. I built a custom cover, but if you are not planning on doing that, I would choose something else. I should mention, if you go inside and lift up to get the pooled water off; it will rain inside; a cover is a must! Next, the floor is really, really, thin. I set this up in the snow, and there are little tears already formed in it. I don't much care, as I will hauling in firewood and tossing it everywhere; but you probably will. You could use a heavy ground tarp underneath it, but that will weigh another 5 pounds. (The reason I went with a nylon tent, and not a canvas tent, is the weight.) Something to think about. Next, the tops of the windows do not zip close; they tie with one tie in the middle. In a wind storm, you might as well sit outside. Neither does the door zip shut, only the bug netting; so wind blows up from beneath the door. Next, the poles look like they will hold up if guyed properly, but I would not trust them to last in the wind long without it. Overall, save your money and purchase something much nicer. I have found that it really is worth the cost to buy something that is built with good quality materials; and that was designed to withstand the rain, wind, snow, and sun. Then, look on youtube, and watch some reviews of the tent, and make an informed decision. Then, your money will not be spent in vain. I really learned how to build a lot of things this tent needed, so the experience is going well for me; but if you don't plan on doing those things, let this reviewer say, "you were warned.".