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Throwing Tomahawk (Brass Inlay) with Leather Collar


High Quality Hand Forged Throwing Tomahawks (Stamped/Brass Inlay) with Leather Collar. Built by Veteran North Carolina Forger DLQuinn.

By design, the Tomahawks head and handle are friction fit with a tapered handled and tapered head.  Great for both competition and practical throwing, these quality tomahawks are designed to keep the weight forward and back for those who throw them. As an added measure, the Hawk heads have a small hole. Placing a screw into the head will keep it from shaking loose for those using the hawks for chopping and to prevent head from spinning left or right. If it is used for strictly throwing, it is not necessary as the rotation of the hawk will keep the head in place. 


  • Hand-Forged Hawks Made in USA
  • Quality Craftsmanship from NC
  • Head and Handle are friction fit with a tapered head
  • Great for both competition and practical throwing
  • 19" Throwing Handle made with Oak