SOG Knives SOGFari Machete 18"

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Whip them through the air and hear them sing. We've added a real working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang for pounding and scraping. There are even holes in the handle to mount lanyards. SOGfari... the go to tool for survival, exploration and adventure!



- Blade: 18" x .080"
- Overall Length: 23.95"
- Weight: 15.7 oz.
- Edge: Straight & Saw Back
- Steel: 3CR13 Stainless
- HRC: 52-53
- Handle: Kraton
- Finish: Black Powder Coated
- Sheath: Nylon
- Country of Origin: China

Shipping Dimensions
Weight: 1.6 pounds.
Dimensional Weight: 1.28 pounds.
Dimensions: 5.125" (W) x 1.5" (H) x 28" (D)
Weight Disclaimer: * Weight may vary based on configuration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This is not a lumber jack's axe. It's a machete.

Just purchased this machete, and at 1st impression, I like it. I own other SOG knives and love them (PUP). Very good quality knives IMHO. This machete doesn't equal my other SOGs IMO, but it didn't cost as much either. For the money, I think it is a very good buy in it's price point. It is sharp out of the box, but I took a couple swipes at it with a diamond fine stone and in a few seconds, got it even sharper. Yes, I have seen some of the video reviews that resulted in chunks, and bends of the edge. However, all those were chopping freaking trees down with it. Way over what a machete is designed for. They are designed to clear brush and weeds (small under 1" diameter branches maybe). If you want to chop trees down, maybe buy a hatchet per it's design for that, and not judge a machete against an hatchet's purpose? I think this will serve me just fine. The handle shape if fine, but as stated in other reviews, a bit thin for my hands. But I wrapped it in para-cord, and that thickened up the blade and fits just fine in my hand, and provided a better grip, along with a wrist lanyard. Is this the best machete? Probably not. There are probably much better ones at much more cost, but for under $30, I think this may be the best in it's price point.

More "tactical" than practical.

Good for zombie slayers, not so much for someone who actually needs it to clear brush and vegetation... you know like a Machete is supposed to be used for. I spend at least 150 hours a year swinging a machete or equivalent managing acres of heavily wooded property and decided to try out this model instead of the Gerber Gator's I normally use. This SOG machete is WAY TOO HEAVY due to it being thickly forged stainless steel. It would be fine if you were mainly wanting to use it instead of an ax or hatchet for chopping 4" or thicker trees down. For clearing vines, briars, sapplings, or branches less than 4" thick that extra weight slows you down greatly and wears you out exponentially faster. The thicker blade also seemed to dull and not cut tall clumps of grass and reeds instead pushing them around. What I don't understand it is roughly the same size as my Gerber Gator, but the reach on the SOG seems so much shorter that I was getting scratched up a lot more by briars as I had to reach into them more to cut. Must be the geometry of the Gerber handle. The case is very tight and doesn't have a "funnel" or taper on the top of the case to easily re-holster so I found myself struggling to put it back into the case hanging from my belt. The blade metal strength seemed average with others, when you nick a rock or hardwood on a shallow angle you are going to warp the edge and need to hammer it out. In my years I've never broken a blade, but I wear out the belt loops of the cases's or wear the grip on the handle smooth about 1 machete a year. That being said, for the money I'm just going to shelf this one and order another Gerber Gator.