SOG Knives Hand Axe Clam Pack

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Excellent Hand Axe - Back Packing Axe
A simple and genuine utilitarian design, the SOG Hand Axe (SHAX) will perform as a wilderness back pack essential as well as a camp, truck and preparedness tool. We opted to include G10 scales on the handles for a more aggressive grip. With enough weight to make short order of camp chores, SHAX also will not punish you when carrying on extended adventure trip.


- Key Selling Features:
- 420 Stainless Steel
- Hardcased black coating
- Nylon carry sheath
- G10 handles


- Overall Length: 11.1”
- Edge Length: 3.75”
- Edge: Straight
- Weight: 18.6 oz.

Shipping Dimensions
Weight: 1.4 pounds.
Dimensional Weight: 0.7 pounds.
Dimensions: 8.375" (W) x 1" (H) x 14" (D)
Weight Disclaimer: * Weight may vary based on configuration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
After using everyday on a five day backpacking trip.

Very solid product only had to complaints:
1. Needed to be retightened
2. Wish it was a tad bit bigger borderline too small.

If you wanted weekend warrior something to play around with this is great!
If you want to use this for actual expeditions in the real world and use for days on end you might want to rethink.

Speciality yes. General purpose, no.

Take a close look at the design of this hatchet (hand axe). The blade is very small compared to the handle, and it is also quite thin. Not good nor bad. Just small and thin.

The head makes this more of a special use tool for either precision cutting, or jobs on the smaller side. In fact, it is somewhere between a survival knife and a traditional hatchet.

The handle is fine, but rather specific in how to hold it comfortably as the defined finger grooves are not very forgiving.

The sheath leaves much to be desired. It does not close tightly over the blade and on more than a few occasions, I've found my fingers or palm on the corner of the blade even with the sheath snapped on.

The blade is sharp, but as mentioned, quite thin. A result of the thin and small head size is a low mass when chopping. Again, this is more of a surgery tool than a chop-your-way-out-of-a-jungle tool.

Son Of a Gun

I'm a mountain Backpacker, and when i go hiking i stay out for 5-7 days, so the lightest yet strongest of gear is what i can afford to bring. When i received this hand axe, first thing i noticed was its full tang through the handle, there is no way your going to break this thing, only dull it, second thing i noticed is the sheath and axe together is extremely light. the edge holds very sharp and hacks through ponderosa pines like a normal hatchet despite being 3x less the weight. I would reccomend this to through hikers and hunters all over who need a good stout axe to cut firewood to bone