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SOG Knives BadAxe Base Camp

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Excellent Camping Axe
The forged head of the Base Camp Axe features a cutout to decrease friction while chopping and a flat back for hammering home pegs and steaks. Full-tang construction adds legendary sturdiness, while a co-molded handle ensures a secure grip in all conditions. It won’t make you a lumberjack, but it’ll make you feel like one.


- Product Type: Axe
- Finish: Raw Forged
- Edge Type: Straight
- Blade Steel Type: 1055C
- Hardness: Rc. 50-55
- Overall Length: 16"
- Product Weight: 33.00 oz
- Blade Length: 3.4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
GREAT HANDLE,... LOw Performance Axe Head. Needed Sharpening Right Out of the Box.

FEATURES: The curved handle is absolutely great! Ruberized won't slip in sweaty /rain conditions. The curve & increasing width toward the bottom allows me to choke up half way comfortably depending on what I'm chopping. Down at the end it's the widest with a nice flare making full-out max chopping very easy vs the straight smooth fiberglass handle Fiskar that's harder to hold onto,... especially in sweaty /wet conditions. The one piece SOG head /handle is very tough & all one casting. Reasonable balance,... feeling invincible with this tough axe.

HEAD: Unfortunately the SOG was only fairly sharp & still needed sharpening right out of the box. Also, the edge was fairly shallow and would not pass thru wood very easily. I didn't want to hassle with reshaping the face as I'm no expert on sharpening techniques. Chopping thru a one inch semii-hardwood branch was very difficult. The cutting head seemed thick & the edge did not bite into the wood very well. Almost seemed clumsy somehow. Maybe the SOG is best for splitting wood & not outright chopping.

Either way the LOw performance head was a deal breaker for me. Actual weight of the SOG is actually a bit more than the Fiskars, though the description numbers are not very accurate in that regard. The Fiskars has a light fiberglass handle & this SOG is solid one piece forged steel. So I thought the SOG would penetrate better, but no.