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Primus Firehole 200 Stove w/ WndScrn



- Integrated flexible fuel line will not get left behind
- Recessed control knobs are sleeker and snag-free
- Easy-carry handle
- Twist -click piezo igniter
- Windscreens double as prep area
- Adjustable feet for uneven surface
- 24,000 BTUs
- Runs on 1lb propane canisters
- Weight: 13.5 lbs
- Dimensions: 19.9"x19"x4.9"
- Output 2x12000 BTU/h
- Ignition Piezoelectric
- Boiling Time: 3 min
- Suitable for 1 -10 People

Shipping Dimensions

Weight: 18.25 pounds.
Dimensional Weight: 17.94 pounds.
Dimensions: 14.875" (W) x 7.5" (H) x 27.125" (D)
Weight Disclaimer: * Weight may vary based on configuration.

Manufacturer Information
645 Main St
Riverton, WY 82501


Customer Reviews

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MIxed bag: big things to like, lots of little things to dislike

I've had this stove for over a year and used it many times, and repaired it many times.
The good
The stove works reliably even in a brisk breeze and I like the extended cook area because I often use two pans at a time. Also, the lid removes easily for more overlap area when used in a sheltered area. The burners are a good size and the grate is very sturdy for a camp stove.
The two handles and side clasps make sure the lid doesn't pop open when the stove is being carried.
The integral propane hose/regulator works well for me since I use a larger propane cylinder (10 lbs with an adapter). The stove has clips and a recessed area on the back so the hose/regulator stores right on the stove. I like this feature a lot although it does mean that there is a hose full of propane that needs to be burned off before disconnecting.
Some issues:
On high it puts out a lot of heat (good) but it is hard to adjust for a low flame (no so good). The range of control goes from off to high in very little. It would be better to have more adjustment at the low end.
The piezo igniter never did work well and now doesn't work at all. OK since I always have a long neck propane lighter, but really, simple tech like this should work reliably on a stove that costs this much.
The adjustable foot is nice, but needed to be repaired (easy) and I made all four feet adjustable while I was at it. Now, leveling the stove is really easy. Also, I had to re-rivet one of the side clasps. The magnetic side panel holders were too weak in the wind and I replaced them with stronger magnets.
So, if you are willing and able to make some repairs/adjustments and really want the attached hose/regulator then this could be a workable choice. But I'd recommend something more reliable for the average user.