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PowerPot Premium Bundle


The PowerPot Premium Bundle is everything you need to keep charging in any situation! It ships with the famous PowerPot V, which is a robust, lightweight generator that magically transforms heat into electricity! It also includes our lightweight stove, which fits securely inside the PowerPot, so you can always have a heat source at the ready. To use this package, just add water to the PowerPot and place it over the heat source of your choice. The PowerPot will immediately start powering up your USB devices. This bundle comes with all the goods, including the standard USB (5V) port, making it compatible with devices you already have. The cable is heat-rated up to 300 Celsius. The solid-state voltage regulator provides up to 5W of power to charge your high-tech devices.


Generator Output

5 W Maximum

1 Amp max at 5 V (DC) USB 2.0 port

Weight 12.1 oz (343 g), 18.2 oz (516 g) w/ lid + cord
Capacity 1.4 liter (46 oz)
Dimensions 4.5" x 5.5" or 4.5" x 8" with lid
Material Hard anodized aluminum

The PowerPot® with bowl/lid

5 V USB regulator (pictured above)

USB 5 LED light

PowerPot Stove

Lithium 1800