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Organic Natural Soaps (NRO)

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NORTH RIVER SOAPS are wildly popular and famous for providing quality natural soap bars made with only the finest ingredients consisting of: Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Natural Essential Oils such as Lavendar and Peppermint. We also use other natural products such as Oatmeal, Pumpkin, and Honey.

Made with no fillers or fat, NRO Soaps uses quality oils that make the soap very moisturizing. Olive oil traps moisture and holds it close to the skin without clogging pores. By holding the moisture close to the skin it helps to heal dry, irritated skin. Coconut oil is added for its skin healing benefits and also to produce a hard bar but mostly for the luxurious lather it creates. Some of our soaps have oatmeal or lavender buds for exfoliating your skin.

We use the cold process in our soap making and never use any harsh chemicals, dyes, or milk which can irritate your skin.

Customer Reviews

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Great Soap Bar for your Skin

I've used NRO Soaps for six months and its the best for your skin. Has a great smell and would really recommend to my friends. Great price for a large bar