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Olight SRMINI Intimidator II Flashlight


The SRMINI Intimidator II (SRMINI-II) is a part of our new generation of flashlights complete with added features and increased performance. The SRMINI-II features a new charging port, and the maximum output is boosted to 3200 lumens. Powered by 3*18650 batteries, the SRMini-II employs 3*CREE XM-L2 LEDs and delivers a bright and wide beam through a TIR lens. The SRMINI-II has three brightness levels and a Turbo and Strobe mode. The light is equipped with a solid and thick stainless steel bezel that is super aggressive. It is an ideal choice for law enforcement and the outdoors.


  • 3 x Cree XM-L2 LED
  • Maximum output of 3200 lumens on Turbo mode
  • All new acrylic lens with a honeycomb –like streak line surface delivering a homogeneous beam
  • All new thick stainless steel bezel that is extremely shock resistance and aggressive
  • 4 brightness outputs plus a strobe mode.
  • Quick Turbo mode operation with the light on
  • Micro-USB charging port with a maximum 1500mA charging current
  • Type-III hard anodizing aluminum body
  • Flat tailcap design with a lanyard hole allows for the light to stand by itself
  • Switch locking/unlocking function



  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 18650 x 3 (optional)
  • Holster
  • USB Vehicle Power Adapter (optional)
  • User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bright, compact, and extremely useful

Incredibly bright and compact. It's a ton of fun to use, and the beam really lights up the area immediately in front of you. This is the area you need illuminated to get work done. The light is small enough to fit in your pocket for short periods (I wouldn't everyday-carry it), and really puts out a broad, useful amount of light. This is a flood light. While the amount of light it puts out (lumens) is very high, the beam is spread out, so the intensity (candelas) of any given spot is more moderate. This explains why a more focused light with fewer lumens could seem brighter. It's only brighter in the middle. The SR Mini illuminates a much larger and more useful area.

The light has four modes, but only three are constant on. The highest mode is only reachable by holding down the button. I understand why Olight did this - this mode generates a lot of heat, and it's an easy way to regulate the time the mode is active and communicate (heatsink-to-hand) how hot the light is getting. But this means holding the button to scroll through the brightness modes isn't an option. So instead you must double-click to progress through the modes. This can be tricky since the button is a little stiff, and a slow double click is interpreted as turning the light off and back on. After a week I mostly have the hang of it, but I would have preferred a second button to select the modes like many other manufacturers are doing. This light is certainly large enough to comfortably operate a second button.

The charger and batteries:
Nitecore is known for their excellent charger (among other things), and this one works great. The springs are a little stiff, but I suspect this means they will be very durable. Olight's batteries are similarly well respected. The 3400s are high capacity and well protected. Combined, the charger and batteries should ensure safe operation of the flashlight.