Olight M23 Javelot Flashlight


The M23 JAVELOT is part of our new generation of tactical flashlights featuring a customized high intensity CREE XP-L LED. The M23 Javelot has a maximum output of 1020 lumens with a beam distance of 436 meters. The light features a stainless steel bezel and a tail cap conductive structure that makes it more stable, durable and impact resistance. The M23 Javelot is a compilation of the newest features in the illumination tools industry.


  • Ÿ Three brightness levels from 20lm to 1020lm plus a strobe mode.
  • Ÿ Stainless steel bezel and a tail cap conductive structure
  • Ÿ A customized High intensity CREE XP-L LED.



  • Ÿ Battery magazine
  • Ÿ Holster
  • Ÿ Spare O-rings (x2)
  • Ÿ Lanyard
  • Ÿ Diffuser
  • Ÿ User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Too many major malfunctions.

I’ve loved my past Olight purchases, I’ve even owned this same flashlight before. This light is awesome for photography and light painting when paired with the removable diffusers. I’ve not seen anything like it before.
Unfortunately, this particular light has been a disappointment after only a few months of relatively light use. My M23 has recently started “acting up.” It started by not allowing me to cycle through the high/low/strobe settings - it will only operate on high now. More recently, the light has stopped working even on high and will begin to strobe almost as soon as I turn it on, essentially rendering it useless. I’ve only used Olight brand rechargeable batteries and tried charging them again to make sure the batteries weren’t too low, but it still won’t maintain a steady stream of light. This is very disappointing, as I’ve come to expect a high standard and quality from this brand. Perhaps this was just a lemon, but I’m pretty bummed about this purchase now and will not likely buy another.

Great little light, well built and relatively cheap in the world of tactical lights. March 29, 2018

This is a pretty amazing little light. I have another Olight, a few years old, that I couldn't find when I ordered this. Of course, shortly after ordering it I found it, but oh well...lol.

Anyway...very well built, solid little light. The bezel could be a defensive tool or used to break a car window. It's almost over-built. Extremely bright on high, medium doesn't seem much dimmer though it's rated at about half of high, and there is no way low is only 20 lumens....I can point mine at he ceiling in my bathroom on low and it lights it up enough to read.

Twisting the head to select modes takes a little getting used to, but I almost exclusively use medium so I just have that set as the memorized tail switch setting.

I have and will continue to recommend Olight. I have been very impressed with quality and value.

I strongly suggest ordering some good quality batteries and charger to go with it. If you use it on high your battery life is very short so I always have a couple of extra charged batteries handy.

Great all around light

Having owned dozens of high end flashlights I have to say this is my favorite everyday carry light. The throw is fantastic, the holster holds 2 spare cells and on medium I get 5 days (1 business week) of usage out of each cell. I use this every day to perform early morning building inspections that last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour plus a few uses during my shift. I found the difference between high and medium to be minimal since the reflector is nice and deep so my default setting is medium. The build quality is good and so far the finish is holding up well. I prefer this over my Zebralight, Nitecore SRT, Nitecore EC, Nitecore Precision, Skylumen single and quad led single 18650 as well as many others. It is a very versatile light that never gets hot like all the other compact 18650 lights that I own.