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Manker E14 II 2200 Lumens USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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Manker E14 II is a great every day carry flashlight with 2200 Lumens. Has an internal USB Rechargeable port that gives this flashlight an advantage on waterproof. With the combination of multiple modes, copper plated and an extra extension tube for 18350 battery's to make this flashlight even smaller, this is on of our favoritie EDC lights!

The E14 II comes in two choices for LED's: Cree XP-G3 LED or Nichia 219C LED. In comparing the two, the Nichiea 219C LED is less brightness than the Cree XPG3. 

XP-G3 is 190 lumen/watt and has a XP-E die size so could it will work well with 10mm and 16mm optics. 


  • Emitter: Cree XP-G3 LED or Nichia 219C LED
  • Maximum 2200 lumens output
  • Maximum beam intensity: 6000cd
  • Maximum beam distance: 155meters
  • Waterproof standard: IPX-8, 2M
  • Impact resistance: 2meters
  • Working voltage: 2.7 - 4.2v
  • Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit
  • Micro USB interface rechargeable function
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Surface treatment: Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Dimensions: 78mm length x 27mm head diameter
  • Weight: 94gram (without battery)
  • Accessories: O-ring *1, Extension tube *1, Lanyard *1, Holster *1, pocket clicp *1, USB charging cable *1, high drain 2600mAh 18650 battery *1
  • Brightness Levels & runtime:
  • Moonlight 0.1-5lm >240hrs,
  • Low 22lm 38hrs
  • Medium 140lm 10hrs
  • High 850lm 3.5hrs
  • Turbo 2200 - 850lm 40s -1hrs (Max 2200lm output, after 40s stepdown to 850lm)
  • Strobe 2200lm






1. When the flashlight is off, one click, access to moonlight mode (left part of the figure), one click to circle: moonlight - low - high. Long press for turnning off.
2. When the flashlight is off, long press the button to access to the mode your last use as in left part of the figure (Memory function), one click for circle. Long press for off.
3. When the flashlight is off, double click access to Turbo, one click for circle,. Long press for off.

Engineering mode (Chose output level for moonlight mode):
Quick click for 4 times from any mode to get access to engineering mode. Once click to check different levels and long press to make your final choice.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
White light, white heat

Insanely bright. Good ergonomics and as others have commented a bit heavy for EDC. However, by removing the extension tube it transforms into a much smaller and lighter unit that is still extremely bright. And it throws off a surprising amount of heat so be careful.

Wonderful Flashlight!

I use this all the time, and I'm really happy with it. Turbo mode is crazy bright, though you have to pay attention to how hot it gets. It's easy to burn your fingers!

Also the light is bright enough to melt some things at close range and set some other things on fire when in turbo mode. I mean a Bic lighter will do a better job of that, but it's still pretty impressive!

The USB charger is VERY handy, but it takes a very long time (something like 6 hours) to fully charge after being drained, so if you use it a lot you'll probably want to buy some spare IMRs and a separate charger.