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Kershaw Skyline Knife

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Even if you’ve never carried a knife with you every day, the Skyline just may convert you. Why? It’s so lightweight, slim, and comfortable to carry that it takes away any excuse for not having the right answer when someone asks, “hey, has anybody got a knife?” With the manual opening Skyline, you’ll always have the blade you need for everything from opening packages to slicing snacks.

The drop-point blade is versatile and offers good balance and a strong tip. The high-performance Sandvik 14C28N blade comes razor sharp and offers high wear and corrosion resistance. The profile of the Skyline is extra thin and it weighs in at just over two ounces making the Skyline a great choice for comfortable and discrete carry.



The textured handle scales are G-10, barely add to the Skyline’s weight, and provide for a secure grip. The handle design itself, with its deep index-finger contour, further enhances the Skyline’s very secure grip. The Skyline opens manually with a built-in flipper. Just pull back on the flipper and add a slight wrist roll for quick and easy opening with left or right hand. A liner lock keeps the blade locked open for secure use.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
4 stars, great features

It took me a little while to get used to the "flipper", but it actually works quite well. The blade steel is perfectly fine for the price, and the weight is fantastic for a pocket knife. To shave weight, only one side of the knife has a metal liner (functions as the lock), which isn't a problem for the intended use (light duty). The handle material is actually fairly grippy, considering that is has very little 3D relief. I knocked a star for the thumb studs, which don't really work for me unless the knife is already half open. I would prefer the flipper and a hole in the blade rather than flipper+studs. All in all, hard to beat for daily carry in the pocket.

Not buying in with this one.

I like it. I don't LOVE it. I actually like a heavier knife, this is a bit too light and slight for me. The blade knicked after some very light cutting. Also, I tried moving the clip and now it won't tighten down. Guess I have to play with it more. Do I EDC this knife? No. It really doesn't fit my needs. I don't like the action with the flipper, so for me it's a hassle to deploy. I've been carrying the knives like the Thistle and Flash II over this one as I like the girth and weight.

Very sleek and light

I bought this knife to try a different style apart from my Kershaw Tanto Blur; here is my take on it.

1. Excellent blade retention when compared to other manufacturers.
2. Very light and compact, you barely notice you are carrying a knife.
3. Ergonomic handle, insanely comfortably in your hand.

The only thing with the Skyline when compared with the Tanto Blur is I have used the Tanto to cut a battery cable, pry open paint can lids, cut open soup cans, and use the anodized aluminum handle to open non-twist bottle caps. The Skyline, although a wonderful knife, may not be able to take this abuse with its thinner blade and plastic handle; though I'm not going to rate it less because what I do to my Tanto Blur is beyond what is designed for.

For normal everyday use, opening mail, packages, etc., this knife is an excellent choice.
If you need a knife to abuse, I recommend spending the extra money on a Tanto.