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A handy adjustable wrench (opens to 1/2"), knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, LED light, and carabiner hook. Removable bit carrier features 4 bit drivers and an LED light. Length: blade 2.0", Closed 3.5". Tool Wt: 4.1 oz. Bit carrier wt: 1.2 oz.

Customer Reviews

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it's a gimicky tool. In hindsight, I'd of rather had a Clip with a blade and pocket clip without the hex set and wrench part.
I use 3/5 "features" on this tool. I use the D Ring Clip to hold my work keys, and I use the pocket clip to clip my keys to my pocket (surprising I know) and it's always nice to have an extra knife, Decent blade tho, thin so you can get a razor edge on it but I wouldn't lean on it too much, no locking on the blade either so it's something I'd use like I said if you're last option. I've got my EDC knife for most already.


For the price, I shouldn't really expect much. For the brand, I sort of expected more. I primarily bought this to put into an EDC case as a small, convenient cover-all type tool. Because of travels, I had planned on removal of the knife blade, a simple T8 fastener is all that holds it in place.

The remainder of the tool is sub-par, but will passably do the job if needed. I am surprised at the shoddy workmanship, design and execution of a relatively-popular tool. I am planning on keeping the tool as it "works" and essentially does what it's supposed to. I wish I had seen one in person in a store before purchasing. I'm not one of those people who picks apart products based on made up characteristics, or unrealistic expectations, but just a realist giving honest feedback.
Of the items poorly designed:
1) Belt clip/carabiner - a tremendous amount of slop in the jaw at the pivot point. So much that it actually won't self-latch at times. Not a big deal in my case, but still shoddy design and workmanship.

2) The adjustment for the wrench head/jaw has a lot of play between the gears of the bottom jaw and the adjuster screw. It's just a subpar design with poorly manufactured/sourced components. This is a real disappointment for me, as this is half the tool functionality for me.

3) Several of the screws were stripped in the assembly process. The main screw holding the wrench adjustment mechanism was clearly overtightened and stripped, damaging the case. As were the tiny Torx belt clip screws.

4) The LED light is very poor. Whatever the lumen output, it's a nominal difference above just letting one's eyes adjust to the environment. A single match puts out more light.

On the plus side:
1) The knife is sharp and stays that way.

2) The tool caddy is magnetic.

3) The tool itself is overall small, but the body is substantial enough to give weight and strength.

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