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Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe 425


Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe 425 w/Collar Guard

The Gransfors Outdoor Axe was developed with the help of Swedish survival expert Lars Fält. As well as establishing the Swedish Defence Survival School, Lars has written 8 books on survival and outdoor skills over the years. 

The Outdoor Axe is a small, lightweight hatchet sized axe designed to have numerous uses: limbing trees, chopping and splitting firewood, and also as a heavy knife for woodcarving or simply cutting food. Despite its small stature, the Outdoor Axe can even be used for felling trees when kneeling, thanks to its relatively long handle and heavy head.

The axe has a 2 1/2”face and a 14.75” hickory handle and the head weighs 1 lb. It features a shoulder collar, and comes with a grain leather sheath.

As with all of Gransfors products, it is of excellent quality; hand-forged and made using traditional Swedish methods. Each axe head comes individually stamped with the smith's initials, while the hickory handle is boiled in linseed oil and rolled in bees wax for a smooth water repellant finish. 

Drake Off Road Tools 2.5" face

14.75" hickory handle

Head weight - 1 lb

Full grain-leather sheath - Included

The "Axe Book" - Included

Made in Sweden Since 1902

Customer Reviews

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Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe 425

you get what you paid for the best!!!

If you are used to dull hatchets then watch out !!!

I realize now that I am not a real axe/hatchet kind of guy. I have split a lot of wood with mauls and kept a dull Estwing in the camp kit and used them regularly in the field for kindling and firewood but this little baby is different animal. I "needed" one because I saw some fancy folks with them on youtube. When I took the sheath off I cut myself almost immediately and didn't even know it till I saw the blood.. I have a crazy respect for this thing and possibly some fear as I find myself jumping awake each night after dreaming of my fingers lying on the chopping block and stumps on my hands where they used to be. Perhaps a saw would be safer and lighter but I am going to keep her and get to know her better before I give up. Besides the price is going up fast so I feel like I got a deal and I am a sucker for a good deal even if it helps me maim myself.

Size wise I would relate this to a carpenters framing hammer with a serious compact blade on it. If you have any experience framing with a hammer then you should be ok. If you have ever hit your thumb with a framing hammer then you will hopefully have the awareness to keep your digits. Do not buy this for an accident prone family member. It is razor sharp and can shave with it from the factory. I did.


Great Product and at a Great price. Fast shipping, couldn't be happier.Thank you keep up the good work. AAA+++