ESEE Zancudo Framelock Folder Knife


The Zancudo folding knife, designed by Mike Perrin of ESEE and Randall's Adventure & Training (RAT)!

Zancudo is the spanish word for mosquito and the next awesome folder from Mike Perrin of ESEE. This folder features a proven blade shape that you'll recognize from the Laser Strike fixed blade. The handle is outfitted with a molded polymer front and steel frame lock back with pocket clip.

Don't be misled by the price on this feature-rich knife! The Zancudo features a very versatile and proven blade design. The handle features textured glass filled nylon on the front and a stainless steel frame lock back with pocket clip. The pocket clip can be positioned for tip up or tip down carry. The steel is AUS-8. Aus-8 is a Japanese stainless steel with superb toughness and good edge holding capabilities. This steel is fairly easy to sharpen and has great corrosion resistance. Other features include a thumbstud for easy opening, a lanyard hole, traction grooves on the spine for better blade control and stonewash finish.

Customer Reviews

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Solid EDC pocketknife.

Solid EDC pocketknife.

Razor sharp out of the box, blade is perfectly centered. It needed to break in for about a week before the frame lock would loosen up enough to allow one handed closure without causing significant thumb pain. The clip resembles the one on the Kershaw Leek. This knife is like an improved Kershaw Leek.

As far as comparisons to the Ontario Rat 2, I prefer the Zancudo's thinner profile, handle shape, and Stonewash finished blade to the Rat's satin finish because the Zancudo's blade is more scratch resistant. Both knives were designed by the same 2 guys...they're probably made in the same factory.

Razor sharp

Arrived razor sharp. Handle is easy to hold for small hands, but clip side can be a little uncomfortable. Embarrassed to sound ignorant (I'm a knife novice), but it took me quite a while to figure out how to close the knife---found out by reading reviews. Instructions would have helped. For anyone else wondering, you push on the "lower" metal bar in the handle to separate the two bars at the top. It can be a little stiff to use for someone with small hands, but it's getting a bit easier with practice and breaking in. Good first knife for a novice who wants to graduate from small pen knife.

ESEE Zancudo Knife

Love the shape of the Zancudo blade and the frame lock. Blade is AUS-8 steel, good balance for this price point and you won't hesitate to use this if you have a chore to do. Sharpens easily. I also have RAT 2, similar size, and I like the blade shape of the Zancudo better, as well as the bit heavier weight and seemingly more solid frame lock. My go to EDC for tougher tasks where I need a rugged blade that I can beat on if needed.