Eberlestock FAC Track Pack


Eberlestock FAC Track Pack

The Eberlestock F3F Factrack is derived from their popular F3M Halftrack... Eberlestock took a pack that the Army Times voted as their best pick for a 3-day pack, and that a soldier from the 7th Special Forces Group telephoned from Afghanistan just to tell how much he liked it... and then Eberlestock made it better. The F3F has a new zip-around top opening, with optimizes it for PRC-117 type radios, MOLLE/PALS webbing up the sides in place of the F3M's side pockets, and two front pockets. This is a great all-around 3-day pack, but named it the FAC Track because it is the best-in-class pack for Forward Air Controllers, and we think they're good guys to have on your team. 


  • Total Volume: 1,910 c.i. 
  • Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz 
  • Dimensions main bag: 24"h x 10"w x 7"d
  • Capacity 2500 cu inches.


The F3F has a zip-around top opening, which optimizes it for PRC-117 type radios, MOLLE/PALS compatible webbing up the sides, and two front pockets. This is a great all-around 3-day pack, but we named it the FAC Track because it is the best-in-class pack for Forward Air Controllers.

Features include:

  • Upper back wall radio rack with 3 large antenna portals.
  • Padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack. 
  • "Shooter's harness" with 3D mesh is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths, and is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads.
  • Numerous small pockets and organizers -- so you can always go right to what you're looking for. 
  • Has the new Gossamer Polycarbonate frame sheet. 
  • Handles on 3 sides make it easy to pick the pack up, especially when retrieving it from your vehicle. 
  • Five hydration compatible pockets.
  • Includes G1RC Rain Cover, stowed in a zippered pocket in the bottom of the pack.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome bag

This was my second eberlestock bag. My first being the X2. I really like the potential of this bag. My first trip out was a 5 mile in 5 mile out 2 night trip on an established trail. The trail was moderate difficulty mainly due to several fallen trees that we had to go over and around. The pack was very comfortable. I had no back fatigue at all. I had a minimal amount of shoulder fatigue after the trip, most of which I attributed to chopping wood all weekend. The main compartmemt of the bag doesnt have a lot of give. Its pretty solid so you cant really squeeze any more space out of it. So its nice that it maintains shape, but would be nice to fit something a bit larger inside. I added a 3 liter pouch on the side with molle strapping and attached my bush knife on the opposite side with molle. Between the 3 liter pouch and the bags compartments I had more than enough space for all my gear plus food and water. Along the sides of the main compartment are full length pockets. These are great for packing longer thinner gear. A fishing pole, smaller rifle like a .22 or such, tent poles, I put my axe inside one, head out unfortunately. The compression straps are absolutely useless as compression straps. The bag just doesnt flex so theres no need to compress the interior contents. However they are fantastic for lashing more gear to your bag. I attached my tent to one side and my jacket to the other. Over all I really like the bag. Wasnt quite as awesome as I had hoped. But it was still pretty awesome. If it was a little bit cheaper I probably would have given it 5 stars.