Cobra CX312 Walkie Talkie 23 Mile

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Compact design with up to 23-mile range. With weather alerts be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA radio receiver. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission frees hands for other tasks. Five selectable tones will distinguish between different parties for incoming calls. A total of 2662 channel combinations are available when the 22 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS). These combinations prevent interference from other radios.

  • Up to 23 Mile Range - Extended range capability provides up to 23 miles range. (Range will vary depending on terrain and conditions.
  • 10 NOAA Weather Channels - Be prepared for storms and emergencies with the built-in NOAA radio receiver providing coverage of all government operated weather channels.
  • Weather resistant
  • VOX - The user's voice is detected and the radio transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing hands for other tasks. 5 VOX sensitivity levels allow the user to select at which point the radio will detect their voice.
  • Call Alert - 5 selectable tones distinguishes between different parties on oncoming calls.
  • Roger Beep - Confirmation tone indicates the completion of the user's transmission, and signals to others it is clear to talk
Technical Information
Operating Range 121440 ft
Privacy Codes 142CTCSS/DCS
Call Alerts
  • 5Tone
  • Roger Beep
Limited Warranty 1 Year

Customer Reviews

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up to 23 mile range"?? Heavy emphasis on the "up to" part

We've had the walkies for only about a week and used them only a couple of times just to test the range by one of us standing in the back yard and the other slowly driving out of the neighborhood while doing comm checks every few seconds. Both times we've tested them the maximum range in our suburban neighborhood of two story houses was only around two city blocks, which is maybe a quarter mile. In other words, so close that if houses weren't in the way we'd still be able to see each other. The tests so far have included high and low power channels (GMRS) and with and without the "extender" feature activated, which is really just an auto squelch button (who could stand listening to solid static noise for very long?)

Other than the shorter than expected range issue, so far they work as they're supposed to. We bought them to communicate between cars on a cross-country trip this summer, and for the price they seem like a good alternative to trying to stay in touch between cars using texts or phone calls especially out west where cell service can be spotty. The biggest issue I can see is that with their limited range we'll pretty much have to be within sight of each other to use them.