Camp Chef Ranger III Three-Burner Stove

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Camp Chef Ranger III Three-Burner Stove

When space and portability are at a premium, you no longer have to sacrifice cooking power. The Ranger III is a big stove in a compact body. Each burner pumps out 17,000 BTU's, all the heat you'll need to cook a warm meal. Cast aluminum burners resist rust, ensuring a good constant flame. The Ranger III provides a great way to get the power of a big stove without having to haul it with you and take up the space. If you're looking for a griddle, try the Mountain Series griddle (MSG20). Camp Chef griddles work great with Ranger stoves as well.

  • Lightweight design for excellent portability
  • Three burners, each handle 17,000 BTU
  • Lightweight cast aluminum burners
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials
  • Matchless ignition
  • Burner housing helps block wind
  • Rugged and durable cast iron cook-top and legs are built to handle everything you throw at it
  • Regulator and 5 ft. hose included


  • Total Output: 51,000 BTU/hr
  • Dimensions: 15.5" L x 29" W x 5" H
  • Burner Grate Dimensions: 8" x 8"
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Warranty: One Year

Customer Reviews

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Adequate stove is better than competition

After using three or four different table top stoves that were terribly weak we got a Camp Chef and I kinda like this one best. Kinda.
I have to say, that in a field of really poor stoves, this one shines as adequate and hot. It's got some features and they do work. But it's raving reviews reflect the poor state of this industry, I think. Others have discussed the features, but I want to discuss all the Camp Chef might want to improve.

1) Ranger stove has a side outlet for gas- on a table top stove, rear outlet makes more sense. for managing hose installation. I with they would do this.
2) Ignition. The way the valve works, the ignition sparks first, then the gas starts into the pipe. It's backwards. So we often spend more time trying to get it to light than other stoves with sparks or than using a lighter. The trick is to open the valve, knowing that it won't light, leave it open for a second, then close it so that you can open it again and spark will have gas to light. Repeat when it doesn't work the first time. This is hardly impressive functionality, but it's workable.
3) Valve usage. Everytime you go to turn it off you have to fumble through various stops and detents to turn it off. Always awkward, I've had it for two months now, and hope I;ll eventually get the hang of it.
4) Three very hot burners. No medium burners. It's tricky using this stove for my smaller pots and saucepans. There are settings that work if you fidget, but generally it's turn it to low and water never boils or else medium flame is now tumbling out the sides and burning handle, hands wasting energy that misses the pot. Please put a medium btu burner in the mix, Camp Chef.
So, anybody who's looking for a business niche, I suggest you consider making countertop stoves. There is plenty of room for brilliant design in this field. Camp Chef is leading a pack of really poor designs with their adequate one.