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BUSHNELL 6x21 Scout DX 1000 ARC RTAP Laser Rangefinder - Realtree AP

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BUSHNELL 6x21 Scout DX 1000 ARC RTAP Laser Rangefinder - Realtree AP

Sleek, simple and deadly effective - all with the push of a button. Then, like lightning, the BUSHNELL 6x21 Scout DX 1000 ARC RTAP Laser Rangefinder acquires the target with built-in E.S.P. Turboprocessor. Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology calculates compensated distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate "shoots like" reading out to 99 yards - even displaying 1/10th yard out to 199 yards.

In addition, the Scout DX 1000 includes three targeting modes to best suit the conditions of the target and is capable of rejecting unwanted readings from surrounding objects. All measurements, mode indicators, and aiming reticle are displayed on the rangefinder's in-view LCD screen. A rubber armored water-sealed housing equips the Scout DX 1000 Laser Rangefinder for shooting tasks in the elements.


- Rangefinder Range: 5–1000
- Magnification: 6x
- Battery Type: 3-Volt CR2
- Rangefinder Targeting Modes: Scan, Rain, Reflector, Bullseye, Brush
- Rangefinder ARC Modes: Box, Rifle
- Tree Ranging Performance, yards: 650
- Deer Ranging Performance, yards: 325
- Rangefinder Accuracy: 0.50
- Water/Fog Proof: Yes
- Weight, oz: 6.6


- E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) provides up to 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10th yard display precision
- Built in inclinometer provides ARC
- ARC Bow Mode for true distance up to 99 yd
- ARC Rifle Mode for bullet-drop/holdover calculation
- VSI (Variable Sight-in) Bullseye, Brush, and Scan mode
- Diopter adjustment for crystal clear viewing
- Fully waterproof
- Compatible with magnetic attachment system
- Posi-thread battery door
- RealTree AP Finish

Customer Reviews

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There's better out there.

I purchased this unit around July. The fit and finish I would rate around 8/10. My unit's main targeting reticule is a circle with rough edges. This does not seem to be part of the design, but rather a lack of quality control. The main body of the unit is a mix of durable plastic and stippled rubber that gives you a good grip. It is compact, lightweight, and I would have no qualms getting it wet (I already have on moose and black bear hunts).

Optics: I would rate as a 6.5/10. I have used this in all light conditions and found that it does okay at dawn and dusk, but it is more apt for daytime hunting. At dawn I have had difficulty seeing through the optic, and as well at dusk. It seems best suited for daylight, overcast or not.

Rangefinder: I would rate as a 4.5/10. I have had difficulty getting this unit to go beyond 300 yards max in any setting (point mode, brush mode, or free mode) in varying atmospheres, elevations, times of day, and weather conditions. From bright blue skies, rain, or overcast this unit continually failed to go much beyond 300 yards. I have taken this on a total of twelve hunts in the short time I have had it, not to mention all the hikes with the dog around the woods, and was never able to get a reading over 320 yards no matter the target. Be it a large patch of brush, a hillside, or a giant red building, I couldn't push this unit to the supposed 1000 yard limit.

Overall: I was very excited for this rangefinder, but It failed to range two moose and one black bear in my hunts. I was able to take a moose using it, and for that I am thankful, but it has consistently let me down. This unit for me get's a 5/10