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Helko Black Forest Traditional Woodworker Axe

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Handmade in Germany

The Black Forest Woodworker is Helko’s flagship piece.  This axe is the quintessential tool for the experienced woodsman, with a compact size that makes it a versatile packing tool and lightweight work axe.  Features Helko's famous Rheinland pattern axe head, named for the country's Rhein River Valley, where cutting axes like these have been in use for centuries.  The Black Forest Woodworker performs exceptionally well as a cutting tool for felling small trees, limbing branches, and clearing saplings.  It is also suited for light duty splitting work, such as making kindling and small firewood.



  • Head Weight:     2 ¼ lbs. 
  • Total Weight:      3 ½ lbs.    
  • Bit Length:          4 ½ in.​
  • Handle Length:  24 in.


  •  Hand forged using a drop hammer on open dies
  • Premium grade C50 high carbon steel
  • 53-56 HRC (Rockwell Hardness)


  • Sustainably sourced grade A American hickory
  • Individually selected for grain orientation and density
  • Boiled linseed oil finish, 150 grit smooth sanded
  • Hung with hardwood wedge and steel ring wedge​

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good, without any issues.

Got the axe with not problem. Good service and good quality. Love it so far.

Excellent Axe!

This Helko Woodworker is the perfect size Axe for multiple uses. Very well made and the quality is up there with my Top Swedish-made Axes!


An ax is a personal thing. This one took me a while to get used to but I'm really enjoying it. The handle is thick, much thicker than my plumb ax handle and even my hatchet handle. The thick handle kind of makes the weight of the head seem negligible and by that I mean it feels like you're swinging a handle and not an ax head which takes a little getting used to.
I've been using this to split my maple fired wood for the winter. I just finished a cord with it and have come to enjoy the ergonomics of the handle and ax head. Though i may replace with a thinner handle if this one ever breaks. It seems to hold an edge very well and goes through maple decently.
Good quality, good attachment, and a nice leather sheath to protect yourself from the blade.

A Stunningly Beautiful...Ax

This Ax is made with pride and care, and in a time when most everything is disposable. So impressed on the way this product was received, and included a bottle of Slip 2000 Ax Guard, which buy the way is one of the finest preserver/ lubricants out there for metal outside of Boeshield, used by Boeing Aerospace on interior wing components to mitigate corrosion. I ordered their Rhineland Hatchet immediately, for a pack Ax from the professional catalog that came with this Ax. You will not be disappointed, the Germans still get it right and especially in this market. So grateful to a company that takes the pride to produce such beautiful implements that are generational if properly cared for.

Would recommend, coating the handle, which is in itself, properly oriented American Hickory with Boos Board cream, to include the Wedge on the top. This Beeswax formulation was meant to really protect wood.