Big Agnes Double Stuffed Double z Air Chamber


Our warmest insulated air pad, the Double Stuffed Double Z puts the D in deluxe, puts the Z in snooze, and will have you in a warm, comfortable sleep like you've never had before in the backcountry. This 4 season air pad is insulated with two layers of PrimaLoft® Silver Hi-Loft insulation. A 4" thick gateway to dreamland that features an internal stabilizer construction to distribute body weight evenly and a 2-piece valve allowing for one way inflation and super quick deflation.

  • Light & compact, 4 season pad
  • Our warmest pad in the Double Z line
  • Stabilizer construction distributes weight evenly creating a smoother, more comfortable feel
  • Estimated R-Value of 5.8
  • Stuff sack and repair kit included
  • Each pad individually inflated and tested

Customer Reviews

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Dont sleep on the ground, get a Big Agnes

I needed a sleeping pad that was lightweight and comfortable for my backpacking trips. I will start out by saying I am 6ft and about 170lbs and I fit perfectly on the Double Z.

-Extremely comfy & Lightweight 1lbs
- I fit perfectly on the 72in pad with a few inches to spare at my head and feet
-4inch Thick so you won't be touching the ground
-Two piece valve allowing for one way inflation and quick deflation (20breaths & deflates in seconds)
-Mummy style or tapered bottom saves on weight and space in your tent

-packing size is roughly the size of a 32oz hydroflask
-a little pricey