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Benchmade Boost Federal Government Exclusive 590SBK-1 Tan Serrated

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The Benchmade Boost Federal Government Exclusive 590SBK-1 is a cool edition of the Benchmade Boot. Enhanced with a serrated edge, a black coating on the blade and sand-coloured scales. The boost is a solid pocket knife with a strong assisted opening. This means that when opening the pocket knife it is supported by a strong spring. As such the blade will fly from the handle. When opened the Axis-lock will keep the blade in place.

To make sure the Boost doesn't open when you don't want it to the spine has been enhanced with a secondary lock. Move the latch forward and the blade will also stay in place when closed. The Benchmade Boost has a massive blade made from CPM 30V steel. An American metallurgical type of powder steel. Sounds difficult, but it is important for you to know that this is high-tech steel with excellent properties for a pocket knife. Good sharpness retention, excellent rust resistance and pretty good to sharpen yourself. With a length of 9.3 cm you can definitely call this a large blade. The partially serrated edge is great when cutting through rugged materials such as seat belts, rope or tie rips.

The handle is made from Versaflex. A light-weight thermo-plastic that feels great in hand. In terms of construction this pocket knife is completely symmetric. As such it is perfect for both left and right-handed use. The pocket clip is placed for right-handed use, but with the Torx T6 screwdriver you can easily change it for left-handed use.


  • CPM-S30V blade steel offers top-notch cutting performance.
  • Dual durometer handles provide a durable, grip enhancing build.
  • Fully ambidextrous for right and left handed operation.


Life-Sharp Program

Benchmade knives come with the unbelievable Life-Sharp program: for the life of your knife you can send it back to the factory and they will dissemble, inspect, fix any problems that may arise, sharpen the knife,and mail it back to you. You pay for shipping to the factory and they’ll handle the rest.


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