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Benchmade Blue Box Maintenance Tool Kit

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Benchmade® Blue Box Knife Maintenance Kit

Includes three Torx-bit sizes that are ideal for knives

Magnetic bit holder keeps everything in its place

Durable plastic case can also be used as a handle

This handy Blue Box is a complete kit with all the right tools to help you keep your Benchmade knife tuned up for optimum performance. Six TORX bits, 2xT6, 2xT8, 2xT10. Magnetic Bit Holder. Hard plastic carry case doubles as bit holder handle.

Customer Reviews

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Blue box tinkerer

I buy a lot of knives and this is the first really decent set of torx bits I have purchased. Funny that I have rounded off somewhere around 6 sets of cheap bits from Wally world. The great thing is that you get two of each of the most common sizes 6,8, and 10. Also the tips are magnetic which allows you to set the screw on the bit and put 'er in.