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Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck 400/700 Grit (USA)

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$19.98 - $19.98
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Arctic Fox Two Grit Sharpening Puck

Unlike many other sharpening pucks on the market that are too course. The Arctic Fox Two Grit Sharpening Puck is great to use for your axes/blades and has a 400/700 grit. The Blend of abrasives in this is really unique. For touching up an edge all you need is the white/fine side. You can remove small chips and bring back a dull edge very quickly with the coarse side. It’s a fast cutting stone, it’s hard, and slow wearing, doesn’t dish quickly. Doesn’t load up much at all. When it starts to I just dunk it back in the water and rub it with my finger and any metal particles will just rub off. I personally still like to finish on something s little finer, but it’s not necessary. The fine side of this gives a hazy finish that’s totally adaquate for most purposes, and it’s shaving sharpe off the fine side of this stone. 

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