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Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 Sage/Rust

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- Base Size: 7'6 x 6'6
- Center Height: 4'4
- Vestibule Depth: 35"
- Tent Area: 64 Square Feet
- Vestibule Area: 25 Square Feet
- Tent & Fly Weight: 9 lbs 5 oz
- Total Weight: 10 lbs 5 oz
- Packed Size: 8" x 22"
- Pole Diameter: 11mm

Shipping Dimensions
Weight: 10.4 pounds.
Dimensional Weight: 6.14 pounds.
Dimensions: 6.5" (W) x 6.5" (H) x 24.5" (D)
Weight Disclaimer: * Weight may vary based on configuration.

Tent Instructions:


Customer Reviews

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Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4

Ive used this tent on a recent camping trip. Here are my thoughts.
On the nights that it rained everything was dry inside and outside of the tent. Outside being our shoes and firewood that stayed under the rainfly that comes out over each door.
The tent takes at the very most 10 minutes. It is the easiest setup I have ever seen on a tent.
Inside the tent has two zipper pockets on each side which come in handy for your phone or anything else youd like to keep off the ground.
There is also a mini shelf that comes with the tent at the top of the tent. Its perfect for storing a flashlight or car keys for easy access of anyone going out of the tent during the night.

Like most tents the original stakes that come with the tent are poor quality. On one of the set ups my buddy stepped on the stake to put it in and it bent like a paper fan. However if you just push them in the tents not going anywhere.. minor complaint.

It says it sleeps 4 but unless you are all small it is really a comfortable 3. We had 3 males in the tent all 6' + and we had plenty of room but definitely couldnt have squeezed anyone else comfortably.

Rain fly goes almost all the way down but not to the ground. So I purchased a tarp for 10$ which you should put under the tent anyways but on the rainy nights the tarp gave you something to step on outside the tent where otherwise rain would have came in and mudded up under our fly above the door.

Overall: This is a good tent for a good price.