Olight H1 Nova Headlamp


Here at Olight, we have always had a dream to produce a heavy duty headlamp that is compact with extremely high performance. Our flagship pocket light, the S1 Baton inspired us to bring that same concept to a headlamp. The headlamp industry has always lacked high lumen lights with metal constructions in a compact form factor. High lumen headlamps have always been bulky and cumbersome until today. We are here to offer the best of both worlds.

The H1 Nova is a headlamp and pocket light all in one. With its removable headband and attachable pocket clip, this light can be used every day of the week regardless of your needs. The H1 Nova has a monumental 500 lumens in a unibody aluminum enclosure that is smaller than the average pinky finger. With the detachable headband and included pocket clip, this is the most versatile flashlight on the market allowing it to attach to a pocket or backpack strap for hands free operation.

We have also included our signature magnetic tailcap to make the light even more useful in a work environment. The flashlight markets need for a product like this drove us to innovate and produce the best headlamp out there. If you could have one light to take with you, this is the one.


  • Utilizes CREE XM-L2 LED (NW/CW) paired with bead lens, creating clearly divided focus and flood with a smooth transition
  • High light transmission rate TIR optic lens to deliver a balanced and soft beam
  • Five brightness levels and SOS mode covering 1~500 lumens
  • Compatible with CR123A or RCR123A (16340) rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Gradual brightness changes: When turned on/off on medium, high, and turbo modes, it will turn on or off gradually to protect the eyes from stimulation caused by sudden brightness changes
  • Low profile silicone switch located on the head of the headlamp for easy location and operation
  • Magnetic tail cap allows it to be attached to any ferrous surface for hands free work when being used as a standard light.
  • Runtime based thermal management program: Under the turbo mode, the headlamp stays at the maximum output for three minutes before gradually dropping down to the high mode after one minute.



  • Headlamp (head strap and silicone mount included)
  • CR123A (3V 1600mAh)
  • Pocket Clip
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction Manual


Light Form wide
Light Intensity (candela) 1,080
Max. Performance (lumens) 500
Beam Distance 66m
Level 1 500 lumens (180lm) - 170m (3m)
Level 2 180 lumens - 3h
Level 3 60 lumens - 8.5h
Level 4 15 lumens - 42h
Level 5 2 lumens - 15days
Strobe SOS mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I would definetly recommend this light.

I am very pleased with this headlamp. It is light and comfortable. The smooth 180 degree angle adjustment is fantastic. The "Moonlight" setting is perfect around camp. I have been using this light on that ultra low setting for weeks quite regularly and have yet to recharge the battery. I am actually beginning to believe that it can run on that setting for 52 days as advertised.

Olight H1 Nova Headlamp

Simply great! My wife and I use this everyday. As far as headbands go this is the most comfortable. Light weight and a superior working beam. My wife works as a postal carrier and uses it at work when it is dark or she needs some light.