Hults Bruk 180/600 Grit Grinding Stone, Leather Case

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Hults Bruk 180/600 Grit Grinding Stone, 2.875" Diameter, Leather Case allows you to easily and securely grind your axe wherever you are.

With this grinding stone from Hults Bruk you can easily and securely sharpen your axe wherever you are. The grinding stone is of good size and designed to give a steady grip with the channel between sides which protects your fingers and hands from cutting injuries. The elegant genuine leather case protects your stone, giving it a longer life. The rough side is 180 grit, and the fine side is 600 grit, which is a good combination to regain sharpness to your axe.



Diameter: 2.875"

Grit: 180 and 600

Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Case Material: Leather

Made in Sweden

Item H840623

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The right tool for the job

I recieved the Hults Bruk hunters axe as a gift and plan to treat it to a lifetime of camping chores. There are cheaper alternatives to the HB sharpening puck but I was unable to find one with the same grit as that recommended by HB. I have only used it once so far, but in a few quick minutes was able to return the edge to its razor sharpness using the fine side of the puck. The leather case is a nice touch and perfectly matches the axe sheath.