Hultafors Expedition Knife Fixed 3.6" Black Carbon

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Hultafors knives are based on classic Nordic fixed blade designs known for functional style and supreme utility. The blades feature a Scandinavian flat grind for superior sharpness, versatility and easy maintenance. Each knife blade is hardened to 58–60HRC and sharpened in several steps with attention paid to the grinding, honing and stropping. Both handle and holster are made from super-durable polypropylene, and the handle is designed to provide a safe and comfortable grip.

Powerful and versatile, the Expedition Knife is a durable outdoor knife with a friction grip, suitable for tough tasks in the field. A hard-wearing textile belt loop accommodates up to 3" wide belts, and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter or similar small device.

A dependable Swedish-designed survival knife made to dispatch any tough task faced along the journey. A 4" Japanese carbon steel blade has been hardened to 58-60HRC and sharpened in several steps with attention paid to the grinding, honing, and stropping. Featuring a Scandinavian flat grind for superior sharpness, versatility, and easy maintenance. The 0.12" thick blade stands up to bending and striking for everyday use, without being unwieldy. The steep front curve on the blade tip provides additional strength for puncturing, and also makes it easy to perform push and pull cuts for carving. The spine of the blade can be used with a fire starter.


The handle is designed to fill out the hand properly with a large finger guard to prevent slipping. Constructed from modified polypropylene with excellent impact and cold resistance, and a Santoprene grip for long-term performance where the friction actually gets better with each use. Includes a durable polypropylene sheath with a hardwearing textile belt loop that accommodates belts up to 3" wide, and equipped with a pocket to add a fire starter.


Blade Length: 3.6"

Cutting Edge: 3.6"

Handle Length: 4.52"

Overall Length: 8.25"

Blade Thickness: 0.12"

Blade Material: Japanese Carbon Steel

Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC

Blade Style: Drop Point

Blade Grind: Scandinavian Flat Grind

Blade Finish: Black

Handle Thickness: 0.79"

Handle Material: Polypropylene with Santoprene Grip

Sheath: Polypropylene

Weight: 3.9 oz.

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This is an AWESOME knife

This is an AWESOME knife. I owned the Mora Robust and it is a great knife for the price but this knife has a waaaaaay more comfortable handle. Not that it's a serious issue on the Mora but the tang goes further in the handle of the OK4. It's like 75% tang vs the Mora's like 50% tang. Both are extremely though knives. I also like the sheath better than the Mora's. The Mora sheath feels like it will let the knife slip out even though it never has. the OK4 sheath gives you confidence it will stay put. The blade doesn't rust near as fast as the Mora, although you should always take care of your blades. I can see the black coating coming off as this knife gets more use, opening it up to rusting, but if you take care of it, it should last you a really long time. it also has a spine that you can strike a ferro rod with and the Mora does not. Both are great knives at their price points. This one is a steal even at $30