Alps Mountaineering Leisure Chair (Rust)

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- Pro-Tec Powder Coated Steel Frame
- Compact Foldable Design
- 7" x 45" Carry Bag Included!


- Seat Dimensions: 27" wide x 16" deep x 38" high
- Fabric: 600D Polyester Fabric
- Color: Rust
- Total Weight: 13 lbs.
- Capacity: 300 lbs.
- Seat Height Front/Back: 20"F/16"B
- Fabric - Seat Width: 22"
- Fabric - Seat Depth: 16"
- Frame - Seat Width: 22"
- Frame - Seat Depth: 16"
- Back Height: 38"
- Total Width Back/Arms: 27" A



Customer Reviews

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Perfect, as long as you don't have to carry it very far

This chair is very nice. Unlike those cheaper folding camp chairs, this one is actually comfortable and looks like it will probably hold up. When it unfolds, it is basically a real chair, with perfectly decent, solid arms and legs etc. It doesn't sag or feel weird sitting in it - it works just like a comfortable, normal chair.

The only downside is the weight. All that structure and rigidity is heavy. If you are familiar with those cheaper camping chairs, realize this one easily weighs twice as much, and while it folds down into a carry bag with a carrying strap just like those cheaper chairs, the bag is easily twice as big around as the cheaper ones.

So if you are car camping or want this for an extra guest chair around the house or patio - where you will never be carrying it more than about 25 yards - it is absolutely perfect, well worth the upgrade over those junky camp chairs, just get it. On the other hand, this would be a pretty dubious choice for a beach chair that you want to lug 1/4 mile from your car. You would definitely be hating your life if you had to carry two of these half a mile on a hot sunny day.

Alps Mountaineering makes good, reasonably priced stuff. I've become a fan of the brand over the last few years, and this is another product that exceeds expectations for the price.

Extremely comfortable and sturdy

Extremely comfortable and sturdy. Yes, you can get up by putting your weight on the (solid) arms. Folds and unfolds easily. Drink holder is made of the same thick material as the seat, so it is likewise strong. This chari is larger than most folding chairs, so keep that in mind if your payload space is at a premium. If you have the space, I highly recommend it! I ordered the Rust colored one, and it looks good!

Alps Mountaineering Leisure Chair

Man I love this chair!
This is a fantastic chair. It offers great support for the back and the legs. You don't sink down in this chair like most portable chairs which makes it difficult to switch from a seated to a standing position. You can actually use the armrests to support your body weight when you stand up. This chair is a tad heavier than most folding chairs, but not too heavy to use for sporting events like baseball or soccer when you are transporting the chair from your car to the fields. I would not recommend this char for use on long hikes, but it is perfect for campsite use. You pay a little extra for this chair but it is well worth the extra money. If you want a durable chair that will last for years, pick one of these up...You will not be disappointed !!