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NRO Professional Axe Throwing Boards


Axe Throwing has quickly become one of the most popular activities for events and gatherings. It's a great way to bring people together and have an exciting time! Our axe throwing lessons and competitions provide participants with the chance to learn how to throw axes safely, as well as improve their skills.

Axe Throwing is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their age, size and gender. Learning how to throw axes involves understanding the techniques of axe handling and holding. We offer professional Axe Throwing lessons and competitions. Axe throwing can be provided as an activity for birthdays or special events. We manufacture axe throwing boards for professional use, ensuring quality construction. Host your next Axe Throwing Event with us!

At our facility, we provide professional Axe Throwing boards specifically designed for competitive use. Host your next Axe Throwing Event with us!

  1. Axe Throwing Lessons & Competition @NRO
  2. Axe Throwing @ Your Location
  3. Professional Axe Throwing Boards For Sale

Our Services & Fees:

1. Axe Throwing @NRO ($75 Individual or $225 for Group) - 2 Hours. Private Lessons & Competition Throwing

2. Axe Throwing @ Your Location ($350 per Group) - Axe throwing 3 hour reserved. NRO provides Axes and Axe Throwing Boards and will host axe throwing event at your next party, brewery or special event!

3. Axe Throwing Boards ($400) - We build professional Axe Throwing Boards that meet WATL Regulations. Let us build your next board and you can use and re-use many times and always have available. Please note: We overbuild our boards with quality woods and make them mobile that will allow you to setup anywhere you want. We also take special request and build quality boards. 

Questions or Specific Requirements? Please Use the Axe Throwing Form Below. Also, Feel free to call our Store and we'll call you back to talk dates, fees and requirements.

Phone: 804-556-1006


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